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Conservative Groups Preparing for Potential Trump Return, Launch Government-In-Waiting Conservative organizations are gearing up for the possibility of a second

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Conservative Groups Preparing for Potential Trump Return, Launch Government-In-Waiting

Conservative organizations are gearing up for the possibility of a second term for Donald Trump in the 2024 election, setting the stage for a robust effort to reshape the federal government according to their vision. They are recruiting thousands of Americans to participate in this endeavor, with the primary goal of dismantling what they see as the “deep state” bureaucracy and aligning it more closely with Trump’s ideals.

Led by the well-established Heritage Foundation and bolstered by former Trump administration officials, this extensive undertaking is effectively a shadow government, prepared to swing into action should Trump return to power or any candidate who shares their vision defeats President Joe Biden in 2024.

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With a comprehensive “Project 2025” handbook comprising nearly 1,000 pages and an army of recruited Americans, their objective is to have the necessary civic infrastructure ready from day one to overhaul and streamline the federal government. One significant proposal involves potentially terminating up to 50,000 federal employees.

“We need to flood the zone with conservatives,” emphasized Paul Dans, director of the 2025 Presidential Transition Project and a former Trump administration official.

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This approach represents a significant departure from traditional conservative tactics, which focused on reducing federal taxes and spending. Instead, Trump-era conservatives aim to transform the “administrative state” by removing federal employees they perceive as obstructing the president’s agenda and replacing them with officials who share the administration’s governing approach.

The rationale behind this approach is to avoid the challenges faced during Trump’s initial years in office, where his administration was ill-prepared, faced difficulties in confirming Cabinet nominees, and encountered resistance from various quarters.

While some of the Project 2025 proposals align with Trump’s vision, they are also gaining traction among other Republicans, including rivals Ron DeSantis and Vivek Ramaswamy. The intention is to ensure that the new president, if elected, has the personnel needed to advance their policy agenda from the outset.

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One significant proposal is to reinstate “Schedule F,” a Trump-era executive order that could reclassify tens of thousands of federal employees as at-will workers, making it easier to terminate them. This move has been met with concerns about politicizing the civil service.

While many conservative thinkers support these ideas, critics warn that they could undermine the professional and non-partisan nature of the civil service, potentially resulting in political patronage and a return to a spoils system.

The effort orchestrated by the Heritage Foundation and its partners involves numerous right-leaning organizations, both established and new. It represents a concerted push to reshape the government from within, leveraging executive power to enact their agenda. The goal is to minimize Congress’s role in decision-making, enhance the president’s authority, and advance their vision of governance.

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As the 2024 election approaches, this coalition of conservative groups is embarking on a nationwide recruitment campaign, encouraging Americans to join the federal workforce. Their aim is to train potential employees in government operations, creating a pool of individuals ready to carry out their vision should their preferred candidate win the presidency.

In summary, conservative organizations are actively preparing for the possibility of Donald Trump’s return to the White House or a like-minded candidate winning the 2024 election. They are building a shadow government that aims to reshape the federal bureaucracy and advance their vision of governance by leveraging executive authority and reducing the influence of Congress.