Turkey Day, Synonymous With Downtime: Activities to Unwind With

Turkey Day, aka Thanksgiving, is the best holiday. Don’t @ me, just think about it. The night before is known

Turkey Day

Turkey Day, aka Thanksgiving, is the best holiday. Don’t @ me, just think about it. The night before is known for being biggest party night of the year. The day of is filled with delicious homemade food, festive mixed drinks and beer, and relaxing around a house. AND, the best part, there’s no expected gift giving that typically comes with special celebrations. So tell me again why you’d argue it isn’t one of the best days of the year?

Anyways, once the preparation saga ends and the food coma kicks in, what will do you be doing with your downtime? Falling asleep to a movie? Burning off the calories with intense board game energy? Or are you the type to start prepping for Christmas as soon as the dishes are cleaned? No matter what it is, we’re here to share some of the best activities to unwind with.

Movies For Your Food Coma

Turkey Day

Yes, we are aware that football is on. Turkey Day wouldn’t be right without it. However, for the friends and families who are in a festive mood, check out these films to pass time on the couch.

  • Planes, Trains and Automobiles: Starring Steven Martin who plays a man trying to make it home for Thanksgiving but is engulfed by bad luck. It isn’t until Del Griffith, played by John Candy, comes along to save the day.
  • You’ve Got Mail: If you’re looking for something lightheared and sweet, this is a classic love story starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan
  • Free Birds: An animated film about two turkeys who must put aside their differences to travel back in time on a mission to remove turkeys from the Thanksgiving menu. This is a film for every age to enjoy. 
  • The Oath: For those of you still looking for a thrill post Halloween, Tiffany Haddish and Ike Barinholtz got you covered. Barinholtz character has to fight his way through Thanksgiving amid a major political divide that could single-handily destroy his family. 
  • Miracle on 34th Street: Get into the holiday spirit with another classic. This film is all about believing in the magic of Christmas and is guaranteed to excite you for the hussle and bussle ahead.

Turkey Day Technology Free Fun

Turkey Day

Let’s step away from the black mirror and have some fun face to face. Board games have always been the best for bringing people together and intensifying the competitive energy in the room. And what better way to reconnect with friends and family after eating yourselves full than with a wholesome game night?

  • Jenga: the classic size or giant, this game is always a good time. You can play with as many people as you want, in teams, and you can even write dares on the blocks. The excessive nail biting and loud falls contribute to only half the excitement.
  • Watch Ya Mouth: This family friendly game will have everyone laughing to the point of being hungry again. This game challenges you to talk with you mouth full while your team tries to guess the phrase you’re saying.
  • Blokus Strategy Game: Exercise your brain with some strategy work in this game. There’s no room for luck or chance like in most games. It’s all about the way you think. And, the rules are so simple that young children can understand it to play along too.
  • Uno: Do I even need to explain the greatness of this game? Make it more fun with Giant Uno.
  • Trouble: This four player game is all about luck and strategy to get all of your pieces home first. Full disclosure- it get VERY competitive.
  • We’re Not Really Strangers: This card game is all about getting to know the people around you. With three levels of cards, you’re guaranteed to get personal and come out of it more connected.
  • Beat The Parents: A hilarious trivia game where the parents with battle the kids through trivia, challenges and daring wagers.

Creative and Crafty Time Passers

Turkey Day

We all have this habit of avoiding crafts and making decorations due to not being creative. However, who cares?! The best part about homemade gifts and decorations is that they’re homemade. Which, we can agree is synonymous with “from the heart.” So prep for Turkey Day by searching up some DIY projects. And, if you need assistance on getting started, here are a few ideas.

While you get crafty throw on a lighthearted holiday film or festive tunes to set the mood. Warm up the glue gun and dig out the elmers glue for the kids. Get as much glitter as you can find, gather cotton balls for snow, retrieve the paint, yarn, pipe-cleaners, googly eyes and felt. And don’t forget the jingle bells. From there, think about what you want your tree and/ or your home to look like. You can make candle holders out of mason jars, wreaths for the door, ornaments to place on the tree, or mini pinecone trees to scent up the house. The possibilities are endless.