Get the Inside Info on Which UK Celebrities Investing in Stocks

Some believe that celebrities earn an income only through their talents, which is not entirely true as some have tapped


Some believe that celebrities earn an income only through their talents, which is not entirely true as some have tapped into the lucrative stock market.

Why Invest in Stocks?

When considering different investment options in this day and age, stocks are often amongst those that are top of mind. Over time, stocks generally deliver generous returns, according to reports, which is why both novice and experienced investors often look to them to make the most of their money. However, as with any business venture or investment endeavor, stocks carry a certain level of risk. Therefore, it can be said that investing in stocks presents an opportunity for considerable returns and equally high losses too, which is why you need to be cognizant of your risk appetite before pursuing this investment options and then act on the most suitable alternative.

Given how appealing and potentially lucrative the stock market is, it comes as no surprise that even some of the world’s most renowned personalities and public figures own shares in famous companies, as an expansion of their current sources of income. This is further proof of the popularized narrative that it is extremely important to explore various sources of income and investment opportunities, as well as diversify your investment portfolio, to avoid being heavily impacted by any major losses that may occur. Diversifying allows you to offset some of the losses against the returns that may be yielded by your other investment options, as economic and political conditions don’t necessarily have the same impact on all investments. Because investing in stocks is generally a long-term game, this investment option usually allows you to stay ahead of inflation and takes into consideration the time value of money to ensure that your capital investment is indeed worth more at a future date, moreover, stocks are championed because they are easy to buy and sell. This is particularly true in lucrative and credible companies that are known worldwide.

Celebrities Who Have Already Tapped Into Stocks

Bearing in mind the appeal factors that have been listed above, many UK celebrities have also explored the stock market. Contrary to popular belief, they do not make their money from their roles in the entertainment industry, public appearances or sponsorship deals, etc., some of them are silent investors in notable companies. Amongst them is world renowned footballer, David Beckham. Even before the worldwide interest in stocks, Beckham had already identified the opportunity to capitalize on social media apps. In 2015, he was reportedly a minority investor in an app called MyEye, which was initially touted to give the likes of Periscope a run for their money. Although that has not been realized yet, the tech sector and social media have gained much momentum since then.

Another UK living legend that has dabbled in stocks in music icon, Sir Elton John. Since as early as 2012, he has been investing in promising companies. At the time, he reportedly invested £1.75 million in Gobbler, a cloud and collaboration platform for media creators. Thereafter, he pursued the stock market through Qloo, an AI data platform, as well as Watford FC. In the latter, he invested financially and with his time as well.

Other UK celebrities that have invested in stocks include actor, Stephen Fry; soccer manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, tennis player, Andy Murray, footballer-turned-sports presenter, Gary Lineker, and footballer, Robbie Fowler, just to name a few.