Uncovering The Files Of CELEB Crime Podcaster, Kimbyrleigha

As I began to look at how the law works and our right to fair trial, and having to prove

Uncovering The Files Of CELEB Crime Podcaster

As I began to look at how the law works and our right to fair trial, and having to prove a case beyond reasonable doubt; I understood crime, our constitution, and defending a criminal so much more. I will never agree with the heinous things that these individuals do but as much as we hate people who hurt others, they still have the same rights. It just fascinated me and I wanted to continue to learn,” Kimbyrleigha told CELEB about the moment in O.J. Simpsons case that sparked her interest in criminality. Our crime podcaster opened up to us about what sparked her interest in law, what direction she took to exercise her curiosity’s and how she became a content creator of some of the most interesting true crime stories.

Kimbyrleigha dives into the details of murder victims and their killers, typically covering stories of the past. And although she approaches crime scenes from a “science” perspective, she admits to being empathetic towards the families she covers. The podcast host stated, “I do get emotional when I’m telling the stories because they’re not just stories, these are individuals who lived, walked this planet, had people who loved them and didn’t deserve what happened to them.”

Investigating The Details

CELEB had the pleasure of getting to know Kimbyrleigha on a more personal level about her life leading up to her career. And, to say the least, she’s no ordinary human being. Don’t be fooled by her young age, as she’s worn many hats throughout her years, all which have played a significant role in who she is today.

The Florida native made her leap to California as a single mom just a few years after graduating from law school with her Doctorate. Impressive, we know. She was an athlete and straight ‘A’ student in high school but actually dropped out before graduation as a result of being mistreated by other students. She got her GED right before her 20’s and then attended a private college which later became what instigated her endeavors in law. Kimbyrleigha participated in a reality show which involved drinking alcohol because, duh. It wasn’t until after the damage was done that she found out drinking was against school policy and was being threatened with expulsion. So, being the driven woman she’s proven to be, she pleaded her case to disciplinary board of her college. And, after going through a series of questioning while being transparent about who she is, she became the first person in her school to ever fight and win the case to not get expelled. Beginning her journey into law.

Since school, she has continued her education by taking a Medicolegal Death Investigation course which teaches her how to investigate a crime scene. She told CELEB, “I want to understand how crime scenes are processed and what type of things an everyday individual would overlook when it comes to investigating a crime. And, as morbid as it sounds, I want to understand what happens to the human body after death.”

Scanning The [Content Creating] Scene


Although Kimbyrleigha wasn’t always spending time on the greener grass, explaining that she came from a broken home and her dad being an ex-convict, she was always resilient. The podcast host explained, “because my dad was in prison when i was growing up, I was always fascinated with psychology and the law, and substance abuse.” She continued “things like that in the back of my head, I just always wanted to understand what makes a criminal click.” She elaborated on her close relationship with her father now and how fascinated she became with the criminal mind after learning about his time in jail.

Starting with a YouTube channel in December 2020, Kimbyrleigha brought her knowledge and education in law, crime and psychology to the public. She told CELEB, “I write scripts that are 20,000 words. And I write them in a week and I do a 2 hour video.” She’s now reached over 260k subscribers and is only getting better. “Everything that [I] want, it finally happened when I decided to stop trying to be somebody else and starting embracing my own talents,” said Kimbyrleigha.

A True Crime Podcast


So something that we haven’t yet mentioned is that Kimbyrleigha and our CEO, Nik Richie, actually know eachother from a past life. The two reconnected recently and decided to collaborate, bringing her to CELEB. Every month she does an exclusive episode that is only available on the CELEB app. The podcast is “a combination of telling real, true crime stories with an emphasis on analyzing the victims and the killers. Not only that, I like to focus on some of the psychological aspects that are underlying each case,” said Kimbyrleigha.

The California resident is only in the early stages of this career path but everything leading up to it has set her up with a strong foundation to continue growing. She told CELEB “I think one goal would be to be on a true crime show of some kind or to have my own one day,” explaining that she would want to continue as an independent creator but in collaboration with a streaming service such as Netflix or Oxygen. As for now, she finds her purpose in podcasting and creating content. Check out her next episode of her podcast on the CELEB app and more of her work on her YouTube Channel.