Exclusive: OnlyFans Stars Sell Underwear on New Under Fans Website

If you have ever wondered what your underwear would sell for on the internet, there is a new website to


If you have ever wondered what your underwear would sell for on the internet, there is a new website to help solve the mystery.

Under Fans, the brainchild of entrepreneur Jack Colton, is an online marketplace, selling “authentic personally worn intimate collectibles” from OnlyFans stars, social media influencers, celebrities and amateurs. 

“I was looking for different opportunities, buying domains and I had the concept for a site called StripperInc.com for dancers to sell whatever they want and to promote the clubs they work at,” Colton says, whose company Silent West develops a multitude of domains for different industries. “Then COVID-19 happened and I was looking for something on the ecommerce side and I remembered the concept and updated it for cam girls and cam guys and any influencer to sell their collectibles—such as underwear, toys and items from posts and films. There is one seller who has gnomes and trolls that are popular with her fans, so she could sell those.”

He Wasn’t Prepared for the Interest

“When we put up the seller application we were bombarded,” Colton says. “The proof of concept so far is pretty good.”

For many years, Colton’s site JackColton.com was the every-person’s guide to navigating the Las Vegas nightclub scene—providing tips, information and selling passes for the hottest party places around the entertainment capital of the world. After selling that business in 2014, he took a non-compete hiatus and started concocting his next digital move.


Catering to professional, amateur and celebrity sellers who are able to set their own prices, the Under Fans process is easy and streamlined. Once a seller’s application is accepted, Under Fans sends them a kit, they pop the collectible in an air-tight envelope—dry, please—seal and sign. The seller also autographs the certificate of authenticity and takes a picture with the collectible to verify it is real, guaranteeing it was last touched by them. All this is shipped back to Under Fans, who then post the pictures and descriptions to their site for sale. Colton says that in the future, fans might be able to even subscribe for “fresh collectibles.”

Professionals are categorized as adult-entertainment influencers who have an audience of more than 5,000 people. Amateurs pay a $149 fee to be in the store that includes setup fee and shipping both says. Also any celebrity who wants to raise money for charity can put up a collectible that will then benefit their preferred organization.

“For the professionals, we’ve already added studios and agencies who manage a lot of the girls and guys—so we are helping to set up their stores,” he says. “For the amateur who has a wild side and wants to know what their underwear would sell for, this answers that burning question.” 


Until Under Fans, professionals sold their personal collectibles on sites such as Craigslist and eBay. On Under Fans items start at $79.95 and Colton suggests his sellers offer two items under $100 and two over $200 to start. The site is being constantly refreshed with new sellers and products, and they don’t allow any X-rated photography on the website—they like to keep it PG.

Is Anything Off Limits on Under Fans? 

“It’s a fantasy product. If it’s not going to hurt anybody and it’s not illegal, we will sell it. We don’t really care what it is—no judgment,” he says, noting that the site prides itself on being for everyone. “Under Fans was imagined from the ground up with a deeply-held commitment towards being equally inclusive of all seller types, ethnicities, body types, genders, sexualities, and sexual interests.”

They are even selling their own line of Under Fans underwear and lingerie—unused, in case you were wondering.


“It’s simple really. … there is always someone who will pay for what it is you offer. You see the worth, they will see the worth,” says Lyndsey Beagen, a coach and mentor for the adult industry. “If you can think of it, there is a fetish for it. The only question then becomes are you going to call it weird like the rest of the public, or are you going to step into the wonder of it all and capitalize on something that most would overlook.”

Pandemic Entrepreneurship at its Finest

Mireyaaa, who is a dancer and yoga instructor, selling her collectibles on Under Fans, says that customers ask for them all the time and this is a safe way to fulfill demand. 


“I’ve been offered hundreds of dollars for a pair. Which sounds great, however it is not always clear if a buyer has different intentions, especially when you don’t know them and they contact you over the internet,” she says. “That’s one of the great things about selling on UnderFans, you know buyers are serious and it creates a more secure way of selling my merchandise. Not only is it a trusted platform, but it gives me the freedom to create fun and authentic content to share. I get to provide an experience for buyers. I send videos, photos and even little souvenirs.”

 “It turns out the pandemic is a good time to launch this business to enhance what adult entertainers are doing at home on OnlyFans and have it be simple and turn key,” Colton says.


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