‘Unexpected’ Star Rilah Ferrer’s Baby Daddy Anthony Arrested for Stabbing Mom’s Beau

Fans of “Unexpected” first met Rilah Ferrer and Anthony Vanelli on season 3, episode 3, of the show. At first,

Unexpected star Rilah Ferrer's baby daddy Anthony Vanelli arrested for stabbing mom's boyfriend

Fans of “Unexpected” first met Rilah Ferrer and Anthony Vanelli on season 3, episode 3, of the show.

At first, they seemed like an adorable couple.

Anthony coos, “we’re having a baby girl,” during the couple’s intro to the audience.

Rilah explains, “Anthony’s funny, he makes me laugh a lot. And he’s a Capricorn, so he’s really caring. And he’s the type that takes care of his woman, and that’s most definitely how he is. Because I get what I want from him. He spoils me a lot.”

Throughout the episode, it becomes clear that the couple is desperately unprepared for their impending baby girl. Rilah, a virgin before she dated Anthony, relies on her family. Her family, however, isn’t keen on having Anthony around.

Rilah’s mom Rosa – an obgyn nurse – caught a lot of fan flack for how she treated the two youngsters during their pregnancy – more worried about keeping her daughter in a stable environment than facilitating time between Rilah and Anthony. At one point, Rosa jokes that maybe she should have “tied [Anthony] up and put him in a closet.”


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During the episode, Rosa talks about her concerns around Rilah’s exposure to danger at Anthony’s house.

As it turns out, Rosa’s instincts may have been spot on, although she was worried about the wrong dude.

Because Anthony was just arrested for allegedly stabbing his mother’s boyfriend.

Now 22, Anthony was arrested (again) and charged with felony aggravated battery using a deadly weapon (with an enhancement for domestic violence), in addition to resisting arrest without violence, a misdemeanor.

Ashley’s Reality Roundup reports, “According to the arrest report obtained by Starcasm, Anthony was at his mom Rebecca‘s house in Florida when he got into a confrontation with her boyfriend. The argument allegedly escalated after Rebecca’s boyfriend asked Anthony why he was walking around the house with a knife in his hand, to which Anthony replied, ‘For my protection.’

Rebecca’s boyfriend later told police that he and Anthony began to argue about Anthony having a knife, as there were children in the home at the time. As the confrontation turned into a physical altercation, Anthony allegedly stabbed his mom’s boyfriend multiple times with the knife, first in the back and then in the chest.

The arrest report states that Anthony left his mom’s residence, as his mom’s bleeding boyfriend staggered into the garage, where Anthony’s sisters were. The girls ‘rendered aid’ to him. When police arrived at the house, the boyfriend was seen holding blankets and towels to his torso (both front and back) in an attempt to apply pressure to the stab wounds.

Anthony’s mom later told police that Anthony had just been diagnosed with bipolar and schizophrenia.”

Police tracked Anthony down and made contact. The arrest report reads, “After being secured by Deputy Parish, Anthony began to run down the sidewalk in an attempt to escape from Deputy Parish. Anthony was quickly apprehended and placed into the rear of a patrol vehicle.”

For now, Anthony is still behind bars and is being held on a $15,500 bond.  Vanelli has an arraignment set for July 5.