Katy Perry, John Legend, Other Stars Shine at UNICEF Gala in Italy

It was a night of glam and charity as the LuisaviaRoma UNICEF gala kicked off on the isle of Capri.


It was a night of glam and charity as the LuisaviaRoma UNICEF gala kicked off on the isle of Capri. Katy Perry and John Legend wooed the audience with their crooning, and the star-studded guest list racked up an impressive amount of money for the UNICEF charity event. Chrissy Teigen made her first European trip since getting sober late last year, and several Hollywood A-listers shared battle stories as new moms. It was a night of beauty, generosity, and jubilation. Here are some of the highlights from this weekend’s event. 


Capri is an island full of history and wonder. And the star-studded procession trailing down the city streets towards the Certosa San Giacomo was a poignant contrast to the centuries-old stone roads and buildings. The Certosa San Giacomo is a 14th-century monastery, but this weekend it became the roost of stars. Locals lined the procession as some of the world’s biggest names made their way to the event venue, dressed to the nines. 

UNICEF is an organization committed to providing clean water, vaccines, and other vital life-saving aid to children around the world. Per Vogue, “‘We are the leading UN agency in providing clean water to children and families. We are the ones who bring the vaccines to the children in need to any corner of the world,’ said Paolo Rozera, Unicef Italia Executive Director, to his guests, who were now in their seats at the open-air dinner. Though it was easy to get swept up in the romance of the night, Rozera served to remind everyone why they were all there: to help raise funds for children in need all over the world. ‘We don’t stop at any obstacle if there is a child who needs us,’ he continued.”

While it may seem like an odd pairing, the collaboration of LuisaviaRoma and UNICEF has turned the auction into a fashion event, sparking interest in the world’s philanthropists and bringing them from around the world to donate and contribute. This year’s event included a 1961 Cooper Formula Junior racecar owned by Steve McQueen, art from Andy Warhol and Alex Israel, and a notebook owned by Pablo Picasso. Many of the stars at the event contributed both items to be auctioned and money in the form of winning items from the auctions. Over 5 million euros was collected from the auction, and 100% of it goes to UNICEF Italia. 

John Legend and Katy Perry

UNICEF Gala Katy Perry

While the focus of the night was charity and the auction, it’s impossible to ignore the jaw-dropping event that has sprung up around the tradition. Beloved Italian rap star Madame took the stage, along with John Legend who charmed audiences with some of his greatest hits. Katy Perry took the stage next, and her set covered a broad range of her greatest hits including, “I Kissed a Girl,” and a gorgeous duet cover of “Moon River” with Legend. 

The “Moon River” performance is a nod to one of the greatest UNICEF contributors of all time, Audrey Hepburn, and recalls her role in Breakfast at Tiffany‘s. 

Also at the event were Perry and Legend’s significant others, Orlando Bloom and Chrissy Teigen. Bloom and Perry made an adorable pair as always on the red carpet, with her dress a playful interpretation of a black tie outfit and sporting giant sleeves, and his a formal-meets-casual blend of yachting millionaire and sockless quirky philanthropist. 

Teigen and Legend sparkled together on the red carpet, looking as confident and in love as ever. Trouble has been dogging the pair ever since it came out earlier this year that Teigen had once bullied a teenager online. Teigen left social media briefly, but returned and has been trying to regain her once-flawless reputation. This is also Teigen’s first sober Italian vacation since it came out late last year that the star had fallen into dangerous habits after suffering a tremendous pregnancy loss. E! News shares per Yahoo!, “‘I hate the word sober by the way, it’s so rehab/medical,’ she continued. ‘Anyhow, honestly it was so, so trippy being sober at something you typically would have been wasted at. That paired with the all the crazy hot young models and club dudes and seeing your young self over and over, oh man it was crazy.’

Reflecting on the night out with her husband, Chrissy added, ‘We had so much fun. I didn’t do anything I’d regret and I’m glad I’ll get to remember it all!’”

Other Stars to Dazzle the Night

UNICEF Gala Vanessa Hudgens

But the two power couples weren’t the only ones dazzling the red carpet this weekend. New mom Emily Ratajkowski looking stunning in a ruffle-top, ruched, form-fitting black gown with a tall slit on one side. And Sandra Lee showed up looking beautiful, proving that she’s recovered and more from her 2019 breakup with Andrew Cuomo and a cancer diagnosis. 

French supermodel Cindy Bruna confounded viewers with her outfit; a black leotard with a generous cutout of underboob, wrapped in a calf-length black coat, and topped with a wide brimmed hat. It was an artful blend of playful, sensual, and chic. And Heidi Klum showed up twinning with her 17-year-old daughter as the pair sparkled in matching silvery champagne gowns. 

While the focus of the night was on charity and raising money for vulnerable children worldwide, it was also a celebration of coming together. The 600 guests at the event enjoyed world-class entertainment and the tradition of giving, but also revived the old Hollywood glam and glitz.