UnKommon Events, Maxim, DirecTV Craft Stellar Super Bowl Weekend Lineup

The Super Bowl is just a few days away, and the entertainment lineup surrounding the big game is huge—and getting

UnKommon Events

The Super Bowl is just a few days away, and the entertainment lineup surrounding the big game is huge—and getting bigger. Event management and production company UnKommon Events has teamed up with MaximBet and DirecTV to offer a Super Bowl LVI weekend lineup that will absolutely delight fans. And CELEB sat down with UnKommon Events founder Seth Kaplan to talk about the big weekend, bringing NFTs to Super Bowl entertainment and more. 

Creating Events for Super Bowl Weekend— It Doesn’t Get Any Bigger Than That


There are few event weekends as big as the Super Bowl, so the lineups companies choose as the face of their business for the weekend says a lot about what they consider to be the heartbeat of the times. For UnKommon Events, Maxim and DirecTV—the weekend brings The Chainsmokers and so much more. MaximBet, Maxim’s new emerging lifestyle sports betting and casino brand, launched last year, is taking the helm with the new MaximBet Sport Lounge at City Market in downtown Los Angeles and other exciting events. Here’s what to look for:

  • Friday, February 11: The Chainsmokers, Gunna and Lil Baby take the stage. Gunna will use a full band for the first time ever on stage for his performance. The MaximBet blimp will coast overhead and drop prizes throughout the night, so get ready for some out-of-this-world entertainment. 
  • Saturday, February 12: DirecTV is taking over night two and will surprise guests throughout the venue with interactive moments and unveil the DIRECTV Backstage Lounge. The Lounge is a 300+ VIP space for guests including talent and artists, catered by Cipriani. Tiësto, 50 Cent, Loud Luxury and DJ Vice will wow audiences. 

Speaking of the upcoming big weekend, Kaplan explained to CELEB, “We did a similar thing in Miami for the Super Bowl, so we’re bringing our 360-degree approach to Los Angeles. It’s Los Angeles, so we wanted something that wasn’t too big, but wasn’t too small. And we are going to be at City Market, Downtown LA, which is about 150,000 square foot open lot. It’s a blank slate with an awesome view of Downtown. And we’re building a 50,000 square-foot pop-up venue from scratch. It’s about a three-week build.”

The two-night events have harnessed the vibrant and electric vibe of LA. Kaplan continues, “We came up with the theme for Electric Nights. It’s retro futurism, with cool neon designs. It’s a 1980s-meets-the-future feel. And again, there’s 50,000 square feet indoor and about 50,000 square feet outdoor. That space gives us the slate to do amazing experiences for our guests all around the events.”

In this day, you can’t just have a concert anymore—guests expect a vibrant and immersive experience. This is something UnKommon provides, uncommonly well. 

Partnering with Maxim


UnKommon has worked with Maxim in the past, making their current collab just the newest in a long line of wins. Kaplan explains, “We’ve worked with Maxim for about six years now. We have this relationship where they come to us and we produce this event for them from A to Z. Everything’s kind of our vision. And obviously Super Bowl is the biggest one we do. This year, we brought DirecTV as our headliner sponsor. Between Maxim and DirecTV—those are two of the hottest and most exclusive events of the Super Bowl weekend. Combining forces is really monster, so we had to be able to bring that to life.”

And bring it to life they did, with a lineup that has everyone paying attention. One of the unique things UnKommon does well is take huge venue artists—like Lil Baby and The Chainsmokers—and create really extraordinary events for a small crowd of around 3,000. The UnKommon founder shares, “We want you to feel like you’re in someone’s lounge.” It’s an intimate and rewarding event from the top to the bottom—everyone loves the individual thought and attention to detail the UnKommon team provides.

Bringing NFTs to the Super Bowl Entertainment Experience

Shaq Wynn

And this year’s Super Bowl entertainment is bringing something special and completely in tune with the times: NFTs. Asked about the NFT component UnKommon is bringing for their two-night events, Kaplan responded, “Part of that feeling of a small, intimate venue entails these cool experiences and activations. And for the first time ever NFT’s right now are the big thing. And we came up with this amazing concept where every attendee is going to scan a QR code, it’ll be on the invite, it’ll be when you arrive. We’re going to do a drone show, which will display this QR code you can scan in the air. We’re going to combine the NFT world with these physical live experiences no one has done. At 10PM each night, this NFT is going to be revealed.”

Kaplan continues, “There’s going to be basically three NFT’s that everyone will receive. And then there are rare and super rare ones as well, about five of each per night. Those will be a take on the original NFT. And those winners are going to receive signed merchandise, talent meet and greet with artists, game tickets, cash, Maxim and DirecTV for life, things like that. What’s neat is you’re going to be able to kind of take the physical world and component and kind of combine it with this digital NFT world.”

After coming up with one of the most iconic Super Bowl weekend lineups in history, what does UnKommon have next? We’ll give you a hint—it’s fast. “We’re doing Formula One in Miami in May. It’ll be at the RC Cola plant at Wynwood. It’s got this old graffiti look, with this steel roofing over it. We’ll create this pop-up experience and it’ll be a 1980’s retro Miami GT racing theme. I can’t disclose yet, but we have some amazing artists lined up. And we’re going to be the after-party for F1. It’s just 8 minutes from South Beach, 15 minutes from Hard Rock, it’ll be great.”

UnKommon events are the VIP places to be. After creating an amazing experience at the Super Bowl and headlining for Formula One, the sky is the limit. For more information on their events calendar, visit the website. Most of the events are invite-only for celebrities, influencers and the like—but those who are interested can go to the website and request a package by email.