Just in Time for Valentine’s Day: The Most Romantic Getaways In the World

Valentine’s Day is here. Whether you’re coupled, throupled, or happily single – everyone thinks a little bit about romance this

Just in Time for Valentine's Day: The Most Romantic Getaways

Valentine’s Day is here. Whether you’re coupled, throupled, or happily single – everyone thinks a little bit about romance this time of year. And sometimes those dreams come in the form of a getaway from your daily life, somewhere romantic. Maybe you dream of bringing that special someone, or maybe you want to be alone with your thoughts – here are the lucky 7 most romantic spots in the world to fulfill all your romance dreams. As we mark Valentine’s Day as a day of love, friendship – or maybe toast to that free life – these are the hotels you’ll want to visit. 

Tierra Patagonia Hotel & Spa


Patagonia: it’s one of the world’s remaining wild biomes. A vast region that stretches across the Southern end of South America, Patagonia is owned by both Chile and Argentina – but its inhabitants might tell you they’re a world of their own. It’s a rugged terrain with stark contrasts of rolling, icy, windswept plains, fjords, steppes, mountains and lagoons – nestled in the untouched natural wonder of the tundra. At Tierra Patagonia Hotel & Spa, guests can enjoy the wild and untamed feeling of Patagonia with all the comforts and conveniences of home. Nestled alongside the Torres del Paine National Park, Tierra Patagonia is a sustainable lodge with breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and lakes. 

The rooms at Tierra Patagonia all embrace a sustainable light wood palette, with massive picture windows so you won’t miss a single inch of the vista before you. With light, soothing decor and a deep soaker tub, you’ll be able to enjoy all the outdoor fun Patagonia has to offer and then wash away your worries while enjoying the expansive sky just outside. For some extra pampering, Tierra Patagonia’s Uma Spa offers an outdoor hot tub, indoor pool and steam room – with more of those views you can’t miss. Enjoy a massage, yoga class or aromatherapy services and get in touch with your zen self at Uma. 

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Four Seasons Bora Bora


Bora Bora is the playground of the stars and after one look at the crystal clear blue waters and lush lagoons, it’s easy to see why. At Four Seasons Bora Bora, French Polynesia, it looks like a dream of what an island vacation should look like. With individual overwater bungalows arrayed out over a private lagoon, Four Seasons provides a tropical hideaway for each guest. If paradise could be said to be a single destination, this might be it. Guests can enjoy their own private plunge pools or go snorkeling right off their own private landing. Enjoy Polynesian, Asian, or French cuisine as the salt breezes lull you into a state of relaxation. Cuddle with your special someone on Four Season’s signature luxury beds and take in the sunset or sunrise – all while marine life swims beneath your feet. 

At the Four Seasons spa, enjoy a combination of traditional therapies and modern amenities, to elevate your stay from relaxation to perfection.

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The Chanler at Cliff Walk


When you think of lovers, Virginia might come to mind because of the state slogan. However, you should be thinking of Rhode Island. At The Chanler at Cliff Walk, just outside of Newport, RI, elegance and history meets comfort and convenience. 

The resort itself sits in a sprawling mansion that was completed in 1873, as a summer residence for New York Congressman John Winthrop Chanler. Each room at The Chanler is like its own estate master suite, with rich decor that might make you feel like a Vanderbilt – and they’re neighbors to The Chanler, by the way. Whether your taste is Greek Revival or French Provincial, there’s a room decor for you. 

Your getaway experience at the Chanler will feel both luxurious and pampered – as well as quite private. It’s the perfect place to take your loved one to make them feel special, and you can dine overlooking the water with some classic New England cuisine. 

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andBeyond Banguerra Island


An island off the coast of Mozambique – a romantic getaway? Absolutely. At andBeyond Benguerra Island Lodge guests will find natural beauty alongside the Bazaruto Archipelago National Park, from coral reefs and inland freshwater to breathtaking beaches and towering sand dunes. For your stay at andBeyond, guests can choose between a variety of spacious cabins and villas, each with their own private plunge pool for a romantic midnight dip. 

Beneath the swaying palm trees, the warm salt breezes will sing a song of romance and promise – as the traditional thatched roof accommodations whisper in the wind.  Enjoy the resort’s spa or fine dining in a new version of paradise, perched alongside the Indian Ocean.

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Ion Luxury Adventure Hotel


Rising like a blade from the surrounding land, the Ion Adventure Hotel is built right into the side of a mountain in Iceland. Iceland is a country of natural beauty, from the wrinkled-cloth looking hills and mountains to its glaciers, fjords and breathtaking view of the Northern Lights. 

At Ion Adventure Hotel, each room offers a neat contemporary style, with a wall of windows to give guests a view like no other. Whether you’re there to explore the outdoors or stay in and cuddle, Iceland is the perfect place to bring a lover who enjoys options. 

Close to Thingvellir National Park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ion offers easy access to all the wonders of the land of ice and fire – and a warm room to come home to at the end of the day. The hotel is sustainable, offers indoor and outdoor spa experiences and fine local cuisine – and an atmosphere quite unlike anywhere else in the world. 

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Adare Manor


Ah, the Emerald Isle. Ireland is known for its breathtaking green rolling hills and a friendly local population – but it’s also a storied place of romance and love. At Adare Manor in Limerick, Ireland, the staff promises that your first stay will feel like coming home. Enjoy the world-famed Irish hospitality as your every need is seen to from the moment you arrive to the moment you put your feet up before the fire to relax – and right on until you leave. 

Situated in the center of over 800 acres of breathtakingly kept parkland, Adare is like a country manor retreat but elevated to the next level. The hotel’s motto is, “prestige without pretense and magic without nonsense,” and guests will find all that and more within the beautiful property.

Each room offers different decor and a unique, personalized stay – from standard suites and rooms up to manor rooms and luxurious signature suites. The decor is elegant and rich, with a royal air that isn’t pretentious. 

On the property, guests can enjoy the spa, head to the course for some relaxing golf, or dine in one of several fine cuisine options, with a variety of flavors to delight.

If your lover’s retreat comes with a musical Irish accent – Adare Manor is your place. To plan and book your stay, visit the website

Hôtel Relais Saint Germain


Perhaps you want elegant, but a little more themed. At Hôtel Relais Saint Germain, you’ll feel like classic French novels are coming to life around you. With charming Gallic architecture and classical French decor, each room recalls the 17th-century building’s roots while offering the updates modern travelers appreciate.

If you want an authentic slice of Paris and to pamper yourself with the grace and elegance of the French capital at its height, Hôtel Relais Saint Germain is right up your alley. As a Hôtel Relais property, guests know the high level of hospitality they can expect – but what you won’t expect is just how beautiful every touch is on the property. Nothing is left to chance, from perfect flower window boxes and manicured gardens to rooms that blend fine with whimsical. 

Enjoy classic French cuisine on property or go for a stroll through the heart of Paris, at Hôtel Relais Saint Germain, everything is carefully crafted for guests to enjoy. And of course – Paris – it’s the city of love. If you offer your beloved a trip to Paris, you can expect a romantic stay. 

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