Valmont Beauty Breaks into Hospitality with Les Résidences Valmont

When you think La Maison Valmont, you think beauty. You think elegance, and youth. Now, you can also think vacation.

Les Résidences Valmont beauty

When you think La Maison Valmont, you think beauty. You think elegance, and youth. Now, you can also think vacation. La Maison Valmont is expanding in new and exciting directions, breaking into the hospitality sphere. The world class beauty brand is offering up several new exclusive vacation residences for select guests, and the homes are filled with the delicate, elegant, classy touch that clients of Valmont have come to expect. 

Valmont Beauty Grows into Valmont Hospitality

Les Résidences Valmont beauty

Valmont beauty has been at the top of its industry for a long time, and now it’s looking to headline another. The Valmont brand recently announced new, ultra-luxe residences for valued clients and friends of the brand. Four new residences known as Les Résidences Valmont are opening their doors in 2021, in the following cities: 

  • Verbier, Switzerland
  • Hydra, Greece
  • Venice, Italy
  • Barcelona, Spain.

Each residence blends the Valmont commitment to art and beauty with their intrinsic skill at meeting excellence and luxury. 

Les Résidences Valmont beauty

Of this new venture, the brand shares, “While continuing their commitment to supreme quality and premier luxury in their current beauty, art and philanthropic brand pillars, Valmont’s owners, Sophie and Didier Guillon, continue their empire with this newest hospitality vertical. Each residence, encompassing Valmont beauty and art in each room, is exclusively offered to chosen guests of the brand. The first three of these small, private residences have been named after the Guillon’s children and symbolize ‘l’amour filial,’ all having been carefully curated by Didier’s esthetic eye, ensuring that the authenticity of the surroundings remain untouched.

Visitors will have the opportunity to experience a personalized stay featuring access to bespoke creative workshops and cultural excursions, alongside beauty and wellness treatments, further immersing each guest into the magical Valmont universe. All the activities will be organized by experienced, local professionals in places not usually accessible to the general public, making this Valmont’s most exclusive endeavor to date.”

Per Hypebeast, “‘Les Résidences Valmont were created to share emotion and integrate the culture of hospitality into the magical world of Valmont,’ says Didier Guillon.” The Verbier residence offers panoramic and breathtaking views of the Swiss Alps, and the decor borrows from African inspiration. The Hydra location will bring inside elements of the surrounding seascape, and the residence in Venice will pay homage to the 16th century home its built into, with antiques and the comfort of the ages. In Barcelona, Catalon culture will lend inspiration to the decor, with a modern touch. 

Guests will of course be able to indulge in some of the best beauty and wellness products Valmont has to offer in each of these residences, and stays will be offered to select guests. 

The Valmont Brand

Valmont beauty has been around since the 1980’s, but the history behind the brand is far older. In 1905, a Swiss medical doctor built a wellness clinic in Montreux and Lake Geneva, and named it Valmont Clinic. Valmont Clinic was the first in Switzerland to focus solely on wellness as a journey, and the clinic’s staff worked tirelessly on a health and anti-aging regimen for clients. The clear, fresh Swiss air and crystalline waters of Lake Geneva helped transform Valmont Clinic into a bastion of wellness and youth. It remained such for nearly 100 years, faithfully serving clients.

In the 1980s, the clinic pivoted to become the first plastic surgery-only facility in Switzerland. Hollywood Trend Report shares, “While continuing to cater to prestigious guests, the management began entertaining the concept of offering an exclusive range of skin care products capable of prolonging the benefits of plastic surgery. Building on their clinical expertise, distinguished cosmetologists selected the most active molecules for skin regeneration – such as HP DNA and native collagen, marking the birth of Valmont cellular cosmetics. This concept met with immediate success. The history of Valmont became quickly tied to the destiny of Didier Guillon (current President of the Valmont Group). Guillon became sole owner in 1996 and was joined by his wife Sophie Vann-Guillon in 2000.”

Les Résidences Valmont beauty

Since then, the Valmont brand has diverged onto two separate paths, one for cosmetics and one for surgery. But at the core of all Valmont philosophy is a dedication to wellness in the Swiss tradition, one founded over 100 years ago. 

Hotels + Cosmetics? 

Les Résidences Valmont beauty

While it may not seem like the most obvious, peanut-butter-and-jelly collab, hospitality and cosmetics have a close bond. Even the sparest hotel room often boasts its own small collection of beauty care products for guests, and as you work your way up the ladder of quality and excellence, so too do you work your way up the beauty and cosmetic offerings presented in hotel rooms. 

Some hotels offer their own bespoke beauty care products, and others team up with big names like Baxteen, Le Labo, French House of Hermès and others. 

However, this Valmont venture may mark the first time a beauty line has created its own hotel around its products, instead of the other way around.