‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Lala Kent Made Enough Cash off ‘Scandoval’ That She Was Able to Buy a House

It’s official: Season 10 of “Vanderpump Rules” has come to a roaring conclusion, and everyone is neck-deep in Scandoval talk.

Lala Kent Scandoval merchandise

It’s official: Season 10 of “Vanderpump Rules” has come to a roaring conclusion, and everyone is neck-deep in Scandoval talk.

For some people, the end of the season has brought some blessed relief and some time to catch their breath.

For others, it’s just an opportunity to prepare for Season 11.

But one thing has become obvious throughout all of this: some of the VPR cast members have made some serious bank off the whole Scandoval affair.

But it might not be who you expect.

First, let’s take a look at the two biggest players in Scandoval: Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss.

It’s no surprise that these two aren’t exactly raking in the dough after looking like absolute jerks on national television.

During the reunion finale which aired on June 7, it seemed clear that Leviss was trying (and failing) to summon crocodile tears. Sandoval managed to force some actual tears to fall, but still seemed disingenuous as he laughed and joked with Leviss off the stage.

We also learned that Leviss and Sandoval are both in love, and planning to be together for the foreseeable future. Which is a good thing for them, since Sandoval only seems to have Tom Schwartz left in his life and Leviss apparently has zero friends.

And Ariana Madix has zero plans to forgive either her former best or her former boyfriend, and wished all manner of ill things on Leviss during the reunion episode.

But speaking of Madix: she’s done pretty well for herself.

Since news broke earlier this year that her boyfriend and bestie were betraying her, Madix has earned a number of brand partnerships and the sympathy and support of basically the whole world.

And her fighting spirit during the reunion episode worked in her favor. Unless, of course, you poll Sandoval fans. They still pretty much hate her.

But one “Vanderpump Rules” star who is making out like a boss after everything is none other than Lala Kent.

Kent recently revealed that she earned enough money from a single item of merchandise – her “Sent it to Darrell” sweatshirts – that she was able to put a down payment on a house.

She earned enough from that single item to cover the entire down payment on the house, which is worth $1.35M. So you can do the math there.

And her banking moment started all the way back on March 7. At the time, Leviss was presenting multiple cast members with cease & desist letters related to a recording of a NSFW FaceTime call between Sandoval and Leviss. The letters claimed that anyone who shared the tape would face legal consequences.

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Kent says she never saw the clip, but found the letters (and the way they were dispatched) abrasive.

So she addressed Leviss in a rapidly conceived-of and recorded Instagram vid.

Page Six reports, “‘Anyone who follows me knows that I do my best work when I’m in the bed in my bathrobe,’ Kent recently told Page Six, ‘That’s when the tangents really just hit different. And I woke up that morning, and the first thing we all do is check our phones, right?’

‘And that was at the top of my email – this legal letter from Rachel’s attorney,’ she said, ‘And it just did not hit right. I was pissed. So I go on this tangent.’

‘Raquel, tell your little Mickey Mouse lawyer that if he has stuff to send over [in future], he can send things to my lawyer,’ Kent said in the video. ‘I’ve never in my life had a lawyer contact me [before] in my personal email.’

She added that, should Leviss’ attorney have any further correspondence, they should ‘send it to Darrell,’ referring to her lawyer of some six years, LA-based entertainment attorney Darrell Miller.”

The clip wasn’t online long before it occurred to Kent that her video might make things worse. However, she didn’t anticipate just how funny people would find it.

And fans immediately latched onto that phrase: send it to Darrell.

Kent told Page Six, “As I’m looking through socials, people are saying, ‘I’m gonna [make] this is my new, like, sign-off when I go to work.’ And I start seeing Bravo fan accounts making this merch [with ‘Send it to Darrell’ written on it] and I was like, ‘Hell no!’”

She decided to seize the opportunity; “I called my merch team and said, ‘I don’t know how we make this happen before the day is over, but like this has to happen now. I don’t care how it gets done. Make it happen. And they freaking did it!”

And it turned out to be a lucrative move, because now she has a brand new home out of the deal.