‘You’re a Worm with a Moustache!’: ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Reunion Promises to Be Explosive

If you’ve been paying attention to “Vanderpump Rules” this season, you probably already know what’s coming. The Season 10 reunion

Vanderpump Rules reunion

If you’ve been paying attention to “Vanderpump Rules” this season, you probably already know what’s coming.

The Season 10 reunion episode trailer just dropped and boy does it look chaotic.

The long-awaited showdown between Tom Sandoval, Raquel Leviss and Ariana Madix appears to be on the docket for the episode – something fans have been crossing their fingers for ever since news broke that Sandoval and Leviss had a months-long affair behind the now-heartbroken Madix’s back.

Here’s what the trailer promises.

Andy Cohen Says Episode Will Bring ‘Retribution’


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Host Andy Cohen seems to think that fans will be satisfied by the three-part episode’s drama, telling People, “I think what people seem to want is for Tom and Raquel to be — they want to see the confrontation between Ariana and all the friends, and they will get that.”

The outlet asked Cohen what he felt like the most shocking thing was about the explosive affair once it was uncovered, and Cohen answered, “Just that it happened at all.”

In the trailer, viewers get hints of what they can expect during the three-part special.

At one point, Cohen asks Sandoval and Leviss, “How did this go from a one-night stand to a full relationship between the two of you?”

The trailer did not reveal what either of them answered, but Sandoval’s ex Madix said through tears: “I can’t think of two worse people.”

Leviss, in a shocking moment of self-awareness, admits that she was “selfish.”

Madix, not missing a beat, corrected her: “Selfish does not cover it. Diabolical, demented, subhuman.”

The trailer also shows James Kennedy squaring off with Sandoval, “poopoo heads, both of you – poopoo heads.” Cohen, with a long-suffering sigh, scolds him, “James…”

James then mockingly responds, “I’m going to get sent for time-out.”

Later, Kennedy shouts at Sandoval, “you back-stabbing ho!”

Sandoval, looking embarrassed and at the end of his rope, snaps back, “get in my face again, I will f–k you up.”

Kenney leaps to his feet, crew holding him back as he tries to cross the stage, firing back, “I will f–k you up so quickly, Tom!” He adds, “You’re a worm with a moustache!”

And in another tense moment, Katie Maloney turns to Sandoval’s pal, Tom Schwartz, to ask, “When did you find out that they were f–king, dude?”

Schwartz (perhaps too confidently), responds, “Late August.”

You can hear the record screech to a halt as Sandoval interrupts, “Late August?”

Schwartz turns to his supposed friend and replies, “Yeah.”

Sandoval, shaken, asks, “What??”

And Schwartz drops the bomb, “that’s when you told me.”

Lala Kent deadpans, “Oh no. Did you guys not put your timelines together to match?”

Let’s just say that this is a reunion you won’t want to miss. And if you aren’t already a “Vanderpump Rules” fan, maybe now’s the time to pick up the reruns and get ready.

Part 1 of the reunion episode airs May 24. And you should probably get your popcorn and plan a watch party with friends – because it’s going to be an all-out brawl.