REPORT: Vanderpump Rules’ Scheana Shay is ‘Truly Happy’ With Supportive Boyfriend Brock Davies

Scheana Marie Shay is said to be “truly happy” now that she’s in a loving and committed relationship with boyfriend

Scheana Shay

Scheana Marie Shay is said to be “truly happy” now that she’s in a loving and committed relationship with boyfriend Brock Davies.

As the two prepare to celebrate their one-year anniversary with one another, the Vanderpump Rules star is said to be happier than she’s ever been as she focuses on her future with her boyfriend.

“Scheana is in San Diego with her boyfriend Brock and she has never been so truly happy and in love. She definitely sees long-term potential and a real future with him,” a source told Hollywood Life on September 6.

When Did Scheana And Brock Start Dating?

After wrapping filming on the eighth season of Vanderpump Rules at the end of last summer, Scheana began dating Brock after meeting through mutual friends. Then, in November, she confirmed their relationship publicly by sharing a photo of the two of them enjoying a getaway in Bali.

While fans of the Bravo reality series have not yet met Brock on the show, the insider said that he is just as over the moon with Scheana as he is with her and added that he dotes on Scheana more than any other man she’s ever had in her life.

“He wants to help her succeed in everything she does. Brock helps her creatively, inspires her and completely supports her to achieve her goals,” the source shared. 

We'll just deal with that one when we come up to it, I think,

Brock Isn’t Fame Hungry

According to the insider, Brock isn’t dating Scheana for her fame. 

“He isn’t interested in her because of her fame, he cares about her because of who she is regardless of her celebrity status and would want nothing to do with it. He’s more than happy just watching from the sidelines,” the source explained. 

Although Scheana has showcased a number of her past relationships on Vanderpump Rules, including her marriage to ex-husband Mike Shay and her short-lived romances with co-worker Adam Spott and actor Robert Parks Valletta, it has not yet been revealed whether or not Brock will be featured on season nine when the show returns. And, because Brock lives and works in San Diego full-time, it may be challenging for him to participate with filming. 

Shay Had High Hopes for Her Romance In 2019

Shortly after going public with Brock in late 2019, Scheana spoke to Hollywood Life about their then-new relationship.

“It’s still new and I have grown so much in the last two years. I’ve been single and, you know, whenever I do start dating someone new and actually call him my boyfriend…that’s it for me. Hopefully single Scheana never comes back,” she said at the time. 

Also during the interview, Scheana said that she was taking things slow with Brock, at least when it came to what she was willing to share publicly. 

“In six months, if this is still going the way it is, then you’ll probably see him more,” she teased.

While Scheana was planning to take things slowly with Brock at first, that plan quickly went to the wayside after the coronavirus pandemic hit California and much of the world. At that point, rather than quarantine separately, they decided to move into Scheana’s Palm Springs vacation home together.

Scheana Conceived Her First Child While Quarantining With Brock 

Months into their live-in arrangement, Scheana shocked her longtime fans when she revealed on her podcast, Scheananigans, that after previously being told she would be unable to conceive a child naturally, she had become pregnant. Sadly, Scheana said during the same episode, which was titled, “It’s Not Always Sunshine and Rainbows,” that she had miscarried.

“I’m just like, oh my God, we weren’t even trying. This is a miracle. I’m so happy,” Scheana recalled. “We’re just freaking out, but we’re so excited because we didn’t know or think it was possible.”

Then, five weeks into her pregnancy, Scheana began bleeding during a trip to San Diego for Brock’s birthday. 

”I just felt off. I felt like I felt pregnant a couple weeks before and then I just felt normal,” she said. “But I was still bleeding all weekend. It wasn’t stopping.”

After visiting her family doctor, Scheana and an ultrasound, which confirmed that her child no longer had a heartbeat and that she had lost the child.

We'll just deal with that one when we come up to it, I think,

“Obviously just devastating. We were so excited. To be so excited for a few weeks and then it’s just like gone so quickly,” Scheana shared. “It’s still been a lot to process because now I’m at home, and I’m just waiting to naturally miscarry.”

Scheana’s miscarriage news was first shared in June, the same month that her former Vanderpump Rules co-star, Stassi Schroeder, announced that she was pregnant with her first child and expecting a baby girl with fiancé Beau Clark in January.

The ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Cast Supported Scheana After Her Miscarriage

Although it’s surely been difficult for Scheana to see her longtime friend pregnant after the loss of her own child, she told listeners of her podcast that Stassi had been quite supportive of her in the weeks that followed her heartbreak.

“[Stassi and I] have talked more in the last five days than [they] have probably in the last five months or five years,” Scheana revealed in late-June, via Us Weekly. “She sent me the sweetest, most heartfelt message just genuinely being there for me and that really meant a lot because she’s pregnant right now. I’m sure being pregnant, you can’t imagine losing it.”

In addition to receiving support from Stassi after her miscarriage, Scheana also got plenty of love from Ariana Madix and Brittany Cartwright, who also star on Vanderpump Rules

“Everyone has been really, really supportive,” she said of her cast mates.

The Couple Could Freeze Their Embryos Soon

As for her future plans for kids, Scheana revealed last month on Scheananigans that she and Brock will likely freeze embryos, rather than eggs.

“I had talked about doing a third round of freezing my eggs and then I was like, ‘If I were gonna that, I would probably just do embryos and not do eggs.’ But that’s just not on our agenda right now,” Scheana explained, according to a People magazine report.

We'll just deal with that one when we come up to it, I think,

“Not yet,” Brock agreed. “We can definitely have that conversation moving forward… She froze [her eggs] for a reason and my [sperm], definitely, we know they work.”

Continuing on about his future with Scheana, Brock said that when it comes to making definite plans to start a family with the reality star, he wasn’t nailing anything down quite yet.

“We’ll just deal with that one when we come up to it, I think,” Brock stated. ”Sorry guys, I’m not a genie — I’m not gonna turn around and talk about our future like that because there’s no need to.”

‘Vanderpump Rules’ Season Nine Cast And Filming Remains Unconfirmed

As for when filming will begin on the upcoming season of Vanderpump Rules, no members of the cast have confirmed any production news quite yet and SUR Restaurant, where the series is based, remains closed.

“Cast members still have not heard anything from Bravo regarding picking back up filming [Vanderpump Rules] again. They would have been filming this summer,” a source told Us Weekly in July.

“SUR began reopening two weeks ago but ended up locking everything down again after Governor Gavin Newsom announced reclosures in L.A. including indoor restaurants,” the insider added. “Staff have not heard from [Lisa Vanderpump] or [Ken Todd].”


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