Explosive ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Finale is Here, and Here’s Everything You Missed (SPOILERS!)

The long-anticipated Season 10 reunion finale has arrived, and it was a doozy. Scandoval was on full display as the

Vanderpump Rules
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The long-anticipated Season 10 reunion finale has arrived, and it was a doozy. Scandoval was on full display as the cast dealt with the messy affair between Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss as a radiant and furious Ariana Madix looked on in a revealing red “revenge dress.”

When the episode opened, host Andy Cohen noted in order to bring Raquel Leviss on stage, they had to put Scheana Shay in her trailer, “over 100 yards away” due to her restraining order.

Leviss sat down, and led with, “I’m holding up. I’m super embarrassed and not proud of myself, and I know I owe a lot of people in this room an apology.”

Talk turns to the girls’ trip where Leviss had joked about people not trusting her with their men.

At one point, Sandoval breaks in and tries to say that he and Leviss weren’t “f–king,” that they “just had sex once.” But the entire cast seems to immediately discount his defense.

Then, they were looking back at a conversation Leviss and Madix had, where Leviss was asking about their intimacy issues. Cohen calls it “diabolical” looking back now.

The video then cuts back to an interview where Cohen asked if Leviss had slept with Sandoval by the time she and Madix had the convo about their intimacy issues.

Leviss admitted they had had sex once at that point. Cutting back to the reunion episode, Leviss tried to defend what she said to Madix, explaining, “I was genuinely coming from a place of, ‘do you want to be in this relationship? Because I’m hearing –”

Madix cut in, sneering, “the answer was ‘yes,’ and you had already f–ked him at that point, so shut the f–k up.” But the jilted star wasn’t finished, throwing out, “f–k yourself with a f–king cheese grater. F–k you. You f–king suck. You’re disgusting and I wish nothing but the worst f–king sh–t that could ever happen to a person on you.”

During Madix’s rant, the camera pans to Sandoval who looks like a terrified deer in headlights – and understandably so.

Sandoval – apparently holding dear to a death wish – then chimes in, “The thing is, we don’t live our lives by logic.”

Madix cackles with laughter at that, “I can’t, I can’t.” And the cast joins her in laughter.

Sandoval tries to defend himself, “…feelings took over.”

Lala Kent rips into Leviss, saying that she and Madix were supposedly best friends, adding that she “hated” Leviss when they met.

The group briefly argued over Lala Kent’s entanglement with Randall Emmitt, then turned to the kiss between Tom Schwartz and Leviss.

Later, Sandoval admits that he and Leviss have hung out over the past few weeks.

Cohen then asked if Leviss had considered skipping the reunion episode filming, and Leviss shared what sounded like a rehearsed – albeit heartfelt – response; “I was. I’m so ashamed and embarrassed that I’m even capable of keeping this secret from somebody who has been in my corner from the beginning. Ariana, I am so sorry for betraying you. I can’t even fathom the pain that I’ve caused you. I have been completely selfish, and you’re right. ‘Selfish’ is not the right word, because it doesn’t even begin to describe the state of mind I have been in. It was a mistake. the way it was handled was a complete mistake. the way that we have betrayed the people closest to us was detrimental to all of our friendships, and I am seeing all of the consequences for my actions that I never even considered because I was living in the moment.

Cohen asks point-blank, “why did you do it?”

Leviss responds, “I did it because Tom and I had this connection. I felt seen and heard by him.”

Madix interjects, “You didn’t feel seen and heard by me?”

Leviss responds, “If I’m being completely honest… But I never confided in Ariana about personal things, where I felt more compelled to confide in Tom about those personal things.”

Madix turns again to Leviss, saying, “My dog had just died, I cried in your f–king arms, and you thought ‘I should go f–k her boyfriend. You are lower than the lowest of low people, you really are. You’re a f–king psychopath, you’re terrifying to me as a person. The fact that you’re capable of this s–t? Unf–kingbelievable. You’re a dementor. I know you like ‘Harry Potter’. You’re a f–king dementor. I hope Charlotte haunts you, you soul sucking individual. After today, I’ll never see or speak to you again, and I’ll be better for it.”

Leviss says of the connection with Sandoval, “it was almost impossible to turn away from.”

Cohen asks, “you were in love?”

Leviss responds, “yeah.”

Cohen asks, “You are still in love?”

Leviss doesn’t respond, but gives a bare nod.

Cohen asks Sandoval, “Tom, you are in love?”

Sandoval doesn’t respond, looking around anxiously. When pressed, Sandoval responds, “I’m sorry. Yes.”

Madix chimes in, “grody.”

So there we have it – Leviss and Sandoval are in love.

Kent then suggests that Leviss will be the next person that Sandoval cheats on, because “this is who he is.”

Leviss walks out of the room at that point.

She returns later, and eventually confirms that the bizarre pageantry with the lightning bolt necklace meant exactly what people assume it does – she wanted a matching piece of jewelry because of her feelings for Sandoval.

Sandoval, who still somehow keeps missing the brunt of everyone’s ire, chimes in that he and Leviss haven’t had time to process everything, and that they tried to make things better by pretending the affair never happened – but “never meant to hurt” anyone.

Cohen asked if Sandoval has slept with anyone else since he and Leviss slept together, and he said that he had not.

Madix interrupted to correct him – saying that she has slept with him since then.

Sandoval, again clinging to that death wish, sneers, “She kept her t-shirt on, it was really hot.”

The entire cast erupts in disgust at the dig, Schwartz leaning forward and covering his face as if he can’t believe his bestie would say something so stupid.

It should be noted that James Kennedy called both Leviss and Sandoval “poo-poo heads.”

The cast took a break before sharing final thoughts, and cameras followed Sandoval back for a little private moment between him and Leviss.

Leviss bemoaned “all the people” they hurt, but seemed to be trying to muster crocodile tears. They joked and smiled together, seeming completely uninterested in maintaining the lie that they’re remorseful.

Leviss then changed and left so they could bring Shay back on stage for the end. Sandoval was now left alone with no one on his side but a lukewarm Schwartz. Behind the scenes, Vanderpump was imploring Sandoval to show his true emotions and get honest about his feelings – encouraging him to try to salvage his crumbling friendships.

Sandoval broke down in tears at her advice, sobbing, “I wish I could have a real conversation with Ariana. I don’t deserve it, but I want it so bad.”

Upon her return, Shay called out the fact that Leviss didn’t manage any real tears, calling her a “sociopath.”

Madix confirms, “she continues to be fake as f–k.”

Cohen asked the cast members for their final thoughts, then turned to Sandoval to ask how he moves forward with the group.

Sandoval then breaks down in tears again, sobbing, “I understand that what I did was very very f–ked up. But understand that, like, I’m a human. I make mistakes. I make f–king terrible mistakes. I hurt somebody I never loved ever more in my entire life.”

Madix looked completely unimpressed by his display of emotion, toying with her hair.

Sandoval continued, “Ariana, I know that you hate me. And it’s okay, it’s okay. I understand. But I want you to know that I will always love you, and I will always be cheering you on from afar, always.”

As Sandoval sobbed brokenly, Madix’s face seemed to soften and she watched him thoughtfully.

Cohen then turns to Madix, asking, “Ariana, any final thoughts from you?”

She takes a deep breath, then responds, “I’m really grateful for Scheana, Lala, James and Katie and Lisa and you. Being there for me today. And in the last three weeks, and always. I will not forgive him. And I will not be cheering him on from afar.”

Sandoval squeezed his eyes shut and swallowed hard, nodding at her pronouncement.

After the cast wraps up and leaves, the video continues with a behind-the-scenes interview with Leviss.

She tells the producer, “I think it’s important to me to tell the truth. I think that I’ve been lying and being so deceitful this entire time that I don’t want to lie anymore, and it’s all out there anyway. Like, the worst is out. Yet I’m still finding myself having to lie about specific timeline things.”

A video cuts in to where Sandoval told Kent on stage, “Lala, we weren’t f–king, first and foremost.”

The episode then cuts back to Leviss and the producer, who says, “you did maintain some untruths, some lies at the reunion.”

Leviss responds, “He feels like it would be less hurtful to say that, you know this wasn’t going on for so long.”

The producer asks, “by what time was it a regular thing? Like, while we were still filming?”

Leviss nods, “Mhm. The second time was actually during Mexico. I was like, ‘we can’t see each other. This isn’t gonna be a thing.’ But then, like, that first night in Cancun. He was like drunk and like trying to find his room. And I heard him talking in the hallway. … I was like ‘wait, come inside.’ … Yeah, that was the second time that we were physical [sic] intimate with each other.”

The producer clarifies, “you guys had sex multiple times in Mexico?”

Leviss, looking uncomfortable, responds, “Um, yeah.” She confirms that it was an ongoing regular thing between the two of them after Mexico. “I don’t remember how often it would happen, but it definitely, like, picked up speed more after we wrapped filming.”

Leviss says that she toyed with the idea of asking Madix to open the relationship and bring her in as a third – and Sandoval shut it down, saying “no, no, no, she would not be into that.”

A laughing and titillated Leviss says, “I just hate lying.” When asked about the incident where it was rumored that the two slept together in Madix’s home while she was out of town, Leviss refuses to offer details.

She adds, “He’s asked me to not disclose all this information. Especially now, with being so isolated, I feel like Tom is, you know, the one person that I do have. And so, if I just went and betrayed him- then I’d really have nobody.”

The producer says that she’s already ripped the band-aid off, so what’s one more revelation?

A tearful Leviss says, “It’s the one story that we’ve agreed on getting straight, and I know that the reason why Tom wanted to lie about it is because it’s a really bad look to hook up with someone’s boyfriend in their own house when they’ve gone out of town. Especially for, like, a funeral of all things. So, like, I don’t know.”

She adds that she really, really hates lying.

But not enough to not sleep with her bestie’s boyfriend in the first place, so big “oops” on that, Leviss.

And there you have it. The ins, outs, twists and turns of Scandoval – and what we know now that the dust is starting to settle.

It’s clear that Madix has no interest in healing her relationship with Leviss and Sandoval.

It’s equally clear that Sandoval and Leviss are together, and plan to be together for the foreseeable future.

And James Kennedy thinks everyone’s a poo-poo head.

The Season 10 part 3 reunion episode finale can be watched on Peacock.