Vicki Gunvalson’s Puerto Vallerta Home- An Exclusive Tour

Fans were shocked when it was revealed that Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson would not be returning

RHOC Vicki Gunvalson

Fans were shocked when it was revealed that Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson would not be returning to the franchise. Gunvalson has been a staple with the show- and synonymous with The Real Housewives brand– since it premiered back in 2006.

Taking to Instagram to share the shocking news, Vicki revealed at the time that “I will always be the OG of the OC, but it’s time to say goodbye to The Real Housewives of Orange County. It’s been an incredible ride for 14 years and I want [to] thank all of you for your support, for your love, and for ‘whooping it up” with me along the way. I’ve been working on new projects that will be exciting, empowering, and inspirational. My podcast with Westwood One will be launching soon and I will have much more to say about this on ‘Whoop it up with Vicki’. I hope you will join me with my new journey so please stay tuned. I love all my fans, and I want to thank Bravo and Evolution for this incredible experience which my family and I have will never forget. #bravo #rhoc.”

Moving on with Tamra…

Since leaving, Gunvalson has hinted that she is working on a new project with her former Real Housewives co-star Tamra Judge (who also surprisingly departed from the franchise this year), but due to coronavirus, it’s understandable that things are temporarily paused. 

Gunvalson has never been one to let things get in the way of her dreams, though, and for quite some time she’s mentioned eventually wanting to get a place in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. As fans of the show know, Puerto Vallarta is one of Vicki’s favorite places in the world (think Andales). We are pleased to report that Gunvalson has officially not only gotten a place in Puerto Vallarta but started to move into it. 

Exclusive photos of Vicki’s new Puerto Vallarta home…

Gunvalson shared an exclusive tour of the house via photos with us below. 

Vicki Gunvalson Puerto Vallarta home

“As my fans know, I’ve been a huge fan of Puerto Vallarta for the longest time,” Gunvalson began sharing with us. “I’ve always dreamed of owning a place here, and decided there was no time like the present to finally establish a place there.”

Puerto Vallarta view

Gunvalson explained that all of the three bedrooms in her new place all have bathrooms attached. The above is a photograph of her Master bedroom, which has a gorgeous view. Gunvalson told us a “custom headboard” is being made for this bedroom and informed us that all the sliders open which will give an “incredible breeze” in the winter months.

Puerto Vallarta beach

“This place has always been my home away from home, and now I’m so excited to ACTUALLY be able to say I’m home,” Gunvalson said of her new digs.

Vicki Gunvalson's new home

Fans know that Gunvalson has always been dedicated to her career, as she runs Coto Insurance. She will still be doing this remotely from Puerto Vallarta. 

“Since I run Coto, I will still be working on the go, and will split my time between here and California, as well as in North Carolina to spend time with Briana, her husband, and her kids,” Gunvalson elaborated. 

The above picture shows what will be her office, which will eventually have an l-shaped desk with file drawers and a phone system that taps into her Coto Insurance office in California.

Vicki Gunvalson's balcony hot tub

“The views here are to die for,” Gunvalson continued sharing, “and the people are incredible. I feel relaxed, and I’ve worked really hard to get here.”

Fans also know that Gunvalson is currently engaged to Steve Lodge, and he is joining her in her new abode. 

“Steve will also be spending time with me here as well as in California,” she dished. 

Pictured above is the second bedroom, which also has sliders that open to the outside as well as an attached full bathroom.

Pictured above is the third bedroom, which also sports a full bathroom and a slider to the outside. Gunvalson detailed that this room will have “two double beds” so that she has room for her guests and her family to visit.

“Steve and I are looking forward to a time when coronavirus is done and we can finally pick an official date to get married,” Gunvalson also shared with us about where things are in her life. 

The above is what Gunvalson is currently using as her office until her other one gets completed. It’s definitely nice to see her already starting to settle in. 

Vicki Gunvalson's new balcony

We wish her much luck in her beautiful new home and are happy to hear that she’s so happy with how things are going in her life.