Last night on The Real Housewives of Orange County, both Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson were brought up on the show. While neither Judge nor Gunvalson are cast members any longer, it seemed that the current cast couldn’t stop talking about them multitudes of times. Allegations included the following: 

  • Judge and Gunvalson were in Shannon Beador‘s ear “telling her what to think” in terms of Kelly Dodd and Beador’s feelings toward Dodd. 
  • Judge allegedly speaking to Gina Kirschenheiter and claiming Beador told her that Braunwyn Windham-Burke was “talking s—t” about Kirschenheiter. 
  • Emily Simpson alleging Judge “needed a hobby” rather than being involved in what was going on with the women on the show. 
  • Windham-Burke claiming her Mother had called Judge to tell her she had stopped drinking which caused a slew of drama on last night’s episode. 

Gunvalson Responds To The Lies

In the wake of the comments made about her on last night’s episode, Gunvalson spoke exclusively to CELEB this morning to issue her response.

“While I have no interest in watching The Real Housewives of Orange County this season,” Gunvalson began by sharing, “my name (and Tamra’s as well) keeps getting brought up from what I’m being told. I had friends and others send me clips in which I was brought up last night and thus I need to respond and clarify what is actually going on– I.e. what the truth is, as viewers are being fed lies and misconstrued facts.”

Gunvalson went on to explain that “Kelly claiming that Tamra and I were in Shannon’s head so that Shannon would not like Kelly is an outright lie. We ALL disliked Kelly and if anyone knows Shannon, they know that she is not one to hold her tongue. She’s an obsessive person and I can assure you she obsessed over her dislike of Kelly- even when I was friends with Kelly.”

“Let’s not forget Kelly was on my side when I wasn’t even close with Tamra or Shannon and Shannon HATED Kelly back then,” Gunvalson elaborated. “Was I somehow filling Shannon’s head then? I think not.”

Vicki Gunvalson leaves RHOC

Gunvalson then went on to address Simpson’s claims, stating that “Emily is also an outright liar- not to mention one of the worst casting decisions Bravo has ever made- by claiming we told Shannon what to think and she went along with it.”

“If Shannon has any integrity left whatsoever,” Gunvalson added, “she will stand up and say the truth is that I did NOT tell her what to say, what to do, or how to feel. If that was true, it doesn’t say much about Shannon as a person, does it?”

Gunvalson still had more to say about Simpson, noting that “Emily- like her compadre Kelly- really needs to grow up. She’s acting like an immature child so happy that the ‘tres amigas’ are gone.”

“If it wasn’t for me,” Gunvalson wrapped with sharing with CELEB, “Emily wouldn’t have a platform to sob about her life and marriage on, so she really should simply keep quiet, especially on matters she has no stake in… but then again, if she’s not talking about Tamra and I, she’d have no storyline. So there’s that.”

Vicki’s Exit 

As fans remember, Gunvalson- who was the “OG of the OC”- stunned the Housewives world when she revealed her departure from the franchise back in January of this year.

At the time, Gunvalson issued the following statement: 

“I will always be the OG of the OC, but it’s time to say goodbye to The Real Housewives of Orange County. It’s been an incredible ride for 14 years and I want thank all of you for your support, for your love and for “whooping it up” with me along the way. I’ve been working on new projects that will be exciting, empowering and inspirational. My podcast with Westwood One will be launching soon and I will have much more to say about this on “Whoop it up with Vicki” . I hope you will join me with my new journey so please stay tuned. I love all my fans, and I want to thank Bravo and Evolution for this incredible experience which my family and I have will never forget.”

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  • Kris Jinnert, October 23, 2020 @ 2:52 pm Reply

    I’m more interested in hearing about her break-up with Steve

  • Tess Pederson, October 23, 2020 @ 5:02 pm Reply

    I just wanted to respond to this article. I have always watched the Real Housewives of Orange County. I have always been astonished by all the lying, backstabbing and cut throating that went on. Its worse than when I was in high school watching the cheerleaders continuously fight over the star quarter back. Vicki was always the one everyone picked on. It wasn’t just one person who did it, it was the whole cast. What was the purpose of you all doing that to her? Were you all hoping that Vicki’ popularity would plummet to the ground making you all look better in the viewers eyes? more popular. To me, I would have given them all pink slips for their rude and vicious behavior. Actually I got so disgusted that I didnt care if I watched it or not, When Vicki left the show, I never turned it back on again. Vicki, You are far more of a lady that they will ever be. That’s something money cant buy is class.You have a beautiful daughter and family to enjoy, a fantastic fiance that loves you so deeply, you got a beautiful new home to live and enjoy. If it were me, I would just wipe my feet and never look back. I wish you the very best that life can bring you and yours Vicki. May you have a Happy New Journey & God Bless You and yours. ….Tess from Washington State.

  • Donna, October 23, 2020 @ 5:40 pm Reply

    Sad thing, her (so called bestie) Tamara has stabbed her in the back SO many times.

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