Epstein Accuser Virginia Guiffre Sues Prince Andrew for Sexual Abuse

It’s been less than a year since Prince Andrew signaled that he was considering returning to public royal duties after

Prince Andrew

It’s been less than a year since Prince Andrew signaled that he was considering returning to public royal duties after royally flubbing his response to accusations that he was involved with sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein. One of Epstein’s victims, Virginia Roberts Guiffre, has just filed civil suit against the British royal, accusing him of sexual assault. Andrew’s close association with Epstein and terrible attempts at defending himself since being linked with the infamous predator has continued to dig him deeper and deeper into a hole, and this lawsuit may be the nail in Andrew’s proverbial coffin.

Virginia Roberts Guiffre Accuses Prince Andrew in a Lawsuit

Guiffre has filed a civil lawsuit against Prince Andrew, saying that he sexually abused her in London, New York, and in the US Virgin Islands, on Epstein’s island of horrors. HuffPost reports, “[Guiffre] also alleges the Duke of York had sex with her without her consent, even though he knew she was 17 years old at the time and was ‘a sex-trafficking victim.’

Giuffre also adds the ‘extreme and outrageous conduct’ still causes her ‘significant emotional and psychological distress and harm.’

She has appealed for unspecified damages and claims: ‘It is long past the time for him to be held to account.’”

According to Guiffre, Prince Andrew had sex with her against her consent despite knowing that she was 17 and a victim of sex trafficking. Prince Andrew has furiously and categorically denied all allegations.

If the court in Manhattan finds Prince Andrew liable for damages against Guiffre, it’s just another fire set to the British family’s reputation in recent months.

Prince Andrew’s Terrible Defenses

It’s possible they will attempt to settle out of court to avoid a messy and revealing look into Prince Andrew’s past dealings with Epstein, especially after he made a mess of an interview with the BBC not long ago. Last year, Prince Andrew sat down with the BBC to give an interview that was intended to reassure the public that he couldn’t possibly have done any of the things Epstein was accused of.

But instead of reassuring people, he lit a flame under kindling. Prince Andrew struck an arrogant tone, more offended by people’s questions than the actions of his former friend. Buckingham Palace clearly thought he was a liability and he stepped back from public duties, but they seemed uninterested in pursuing any sort of an investigation over his behaviors, which further outraged the public. Consider in contrast how hard they came down on Meghan Markle for missteps in the public eye, all frivolous and protocol-centered. Compared to Prince Andrew’s possible involvement in sexually assaulting minors – you’d think Buckingham Palace would want to clearly exonerate him.

If they thought he was innocent.

Epstein’s Legacy of Horrors

Prince Andrew Jeffrey Epstein

[L-R] Unknown man with black top hat, Prince Andrew, Ghislaine Maxwell (in green dress), unknown lady (in pink dress) blocking view of Jeffrey Epstein (black top hat)

Ladies Day, Royal Ascot, Ascot Racecourse, Berkshire, UK – 22 June 2000

Although Epstein “killed himself” while awaiting trial in jail 2 years ago, his legacy of horror continues. Victims are still dealing with the fallout of his actions and possible collaborators around the world are sweating. Epstein’s erstwhile lover and assistant Ghislaine Maxwell goes to trial in November for being complicit in collecting and presenting victims to Epstein, as well as participating in their abuse herself.

Whether or not Prince Andrew goes to court, what Maxwell has to say in court could be condemning to him and others in Epstein’s circle. Epstein’s former girlfriend has been loyal to him even after his death, but a few years in prison may have softened her resolve. While Epstein is beyond the reach of the law, it is likely that Prince Andrew and others who participated in his private island of horrors may still have to pay the piper – and a lot will hinge on what Maxwell says in court.