W South Beach Shines as the Beacon of Miami’s Hot Summer Evolution

This past weekend, W South Beach hosted Sports Illustrated Swim, and it was as breathtaking and indulgent as only a

W South Beach Shines as the Beacon of Miami's Hot Summer Evolution

This past weekend, W South Beach hosted Sports Illustrated Swim, and it was as breathtaking and indulgent as only a Miami event can be.

From scandalous fashion choices to redesigned suites, W South Beach is a feast for the senses – and the place you'll want to spend your next night out at Miami.

Sports Illustrated Swim Calls W Home

Over the weekend, W South Beach lit up the night with a fierce runway showcase from Sports Illustrated.

Forbes writes, "Sports Illustrated magazine hosted their annual, much-hyped runway show at the W South Beach on Saturday night, with a high-energy presentation of swimwear worn by some of the industry’s top models, namely those from the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. One couple made their way to the runway too, model Nicole Williams English, who revealed she's pregnant with her first child, alongside her husband, former NFL player Larry English. Meanwhile, the mother daughter duo Denise Austin and Katie Austin, took the stage together, holding hands as they walked down the runway. Other models present included Swimsuit models including Jasmine Sanders, Camille Kostek, Brooks Nader, and Olivia Ponton, among others."

It was a beautiful night and W transformed into the quintessential runway home, welcoming athletes, models, enthusiasts and partygoers alike.

Camp W South Beach

W South Beach is transforming again this summer – into the ideal summer camp for grown-ups.

W South Beach wants grown-ups to close their eyes and picture the summer camp from childhood: s'mores, cookouts, crafting and outdoor activities.

Now, kick it up a notch and make it extra and you've got Camp W South Beach.

Attendees will swamp s'mores for cocktails, enjoy some ode-to-camp fare – except it's been cooked by a celebrity chef, craft with some of the nation's leading jewelry designers, work out with industry leading fitness experts – and then retire to your bunk.

And by "your bunk" we of course mean a 5-star, luxury, newly redesigned W South Beach suite.

June and July camp sessions have already wrapped, but there's still time to attend the August camp which kicks off August 5-7 and includes a theme of ART. ART will pay tribute to the late Andy Warhol's birthday in August, with the hotel's impressive Warhol collection on display in the lobby throughout.

Attendees can book packages which include an exclusive Camp WSB bag, and access to all camp options which include:

  • Welcome Camp Mixers which will feature oyster shucking, cocktails, and live music
  • Fitness activations & tennis clinics
  • Brunch pop-up & panel with leading artists, designers, and other talent
  • Disco parties thrown at the world-renowned Living Room Bar with popular DJs
  • Cabana Crafting activities
  • Camp Cookout, helmed by leading chefs and innovative culinary concepts
  • Outdoor Movie Screening which will provide guests with traditional camp snack fare.

It's the perfect way to turn your summer from ordinary into extraordinary and turn childhood nostalgia into adult playtime. For more information or to book the package, visit the website.

Renovated Suites Strike a Hot New Pose

Of course, the hotel itself is something to see.

The W's signature suites have been recently redesigned, injecting even more class, comfort and luxury into their already industry-leading atmosphere.

At W South Beach, every room gets a view – and every guest their own unique experience, sure to please from the homebody to the adventure-seeker and everyone in between.

The newly re-designed suites feature the hotel's signature soothing white and neutral palette, perfect against the brilliant jewel blue of the ocean outside, blended with playful decor and the kind of comfort guests have come to expect from the W family name.

To plan and book your stay, visit the website.