Miss Those Work-From-Home Midday Naps? Walker Hotels Has Your Back

Working from home, it can be a blessing or a curse. While it poses the challenge of maintaining focus because

Miss Those Work-From-Home Midday Naps? Walker Hotels Has Your Back

Working from home, it can be a blessing or a curse. While it poses the challenge of maintaining focus because everything you enjoy is within your reach, it can provide ample opportunities for self-care throughout the day. And self-care is something very rarely seen to in office environments. One of the best advantages of working from home is that midday lunch break: the possibilities of what you can do with it are endless.

Since you’re close to your kitchen and living room – you can indulge in a cooked midday meal or turn on an episode of your favorite show. And since your bed is only steps or a few rooms away, that midday nap you used to struggle not to catch in your car – well, you have a chance to take it without getting a crick in your neck.

Now that the pandemic is slowly during into an endemic phase and people are beginning to return to life as we knew it before COVID-19, there are some things that are tougher to adjust to than others. If you’ve been at home for two years, returning to the office is probably one of those things. Are you struggling to get through the long day without your midday “me” boost? Never fear – Walker Hotels in Manhattan has you covered. They’re saying come on in and take a nap with a new nap pod membership.  

Go Ahead and Nap Anyway at Walker Hotels


You’ve probably heard it or said it yourself, “I miss being able to relax in the middle of the day,” or “I miss my midday naps!” Don’t worry, Walker Hotels in Manhattan has you covered. World Sleep Day is March 15, but the start of March marks the start of World Sleep Month. In honor of this favorite month-long celebration and acknowledging the challenges of returning to office life, Walker Hotels has organized a membership option for those needing a quick stay in the middle of the day. 

If you sign up for a nap pod packages, you can take your rest at either Walker Hotels Tribeca or Walker Hotel Greenwich. Here’s what you want to know about this opportunity that’s so exciting we could nap about it right now:

  • Daily nap slots are available Monday through Thursday, noon to 4PM.
  • Access to nap pods in 90-minute increments with soft and luxurious linens.
  • Upon your first visit, you’ll be given a monogrammed robe from Revival.
  • Access to the Walker fitness center.
  • Sleepy-time Tea from Celestial Seasonings to help you unwind.
  • An eye-mask from Slip.
  • Aromatherapy Associates goodies to help promote sleep.
  • oHHo CBD dots
  • Packages start at four 90-minute slots for $150 for members, or $75 per slot for non-members.

In addition to the nap memberships, guests to the hotel can add the Ultimate Sleep Package to their hotel stay which includes all of the goodies above. Packages start at $269 at Tribeca and $329 at Greenwich Village. 

For more information on booking these packages through the end of March, visit the website

Walker Hotel Tribeca


Most people know the name Tribeca because of the annual Tribeca Film Festival. And of course, Walker Hotel Tribeca is the perfect place to stay if you’re here for the film festival, but it offers so much more. The hotel is just off Canal and close to Broadway – between SoHo, Chinatown, and the Financial District. That makes it the perfect place for some walking exploration or to hop in a taxi and enjoy a show. 

With a low-key, relaxing, boho vibe – each room is like your own private studio apartment. The rooms are designed to fit just the necessities, so you probably won’t want to bring your kids – but it’s perfect for a single traveler or couple. The lobby embraces a community coffee lounge feel, with music and patrons chatting – it already feels like a place you want to spend a weekend as soon as you walk in the front door.

While at Walker Hotel Tribeca, you can enjoy Blue Bottle Coffee or on a seasonal basis the charming Happy Be rooftop bar that boasts a charming speakeasy atmosphere. Rooms start at $140 a night.

Walker Hotel Greenwich Village


If you’re looking for the Walker Hotel promise but with a little bit extra, Walker Hotel Greenwich Village may be your destination. On West 13th Street, it sits in the heart of fascinating Greenwich Village and the exterior design matches the neighbor’s old-world charm.

The rooms at Greenwich Village are a little larger than Tribeca, averaging around 200 square feet. Each one is designed individually with its own of several color palettes and touches to make your stay feel completely unique to you. 

Rooms at Walker Hotel Greenwich Village start at $419 which is extraordinarily reasonable considering how close you are to many of New York City’s most exciting landmarks. 

If you’re thinking of reclaiming your midday self-care routine and Manhattan is part of your daily schedule, the Walker Hotel nap packages may be exactly what you need. As World Sleep Month marches on – pun intended – take some time to make sure you’re getting the best sleep possible, and tuck into Walker Hotels for that boost you deserve.