Weekend Getaway: Escape Austin to Hyatt Lost Pines for a Picture Perfect Vacation

Sometimes we need a break, but don’t have time for weeks-long vacations from the daily grind. But ignoring your mental

Weekend Getaway: Escape Austin to Hyatt Lost Pines Resort & Spa

Sometimes we need a break, but don’t have time for weeks-long vacations from the daily grind. But ignoring your mental and emotional needs isn’t healthy, so there has to be a compromise. A short weekend getaway, anyone? With Weekend Getaway, CELEB explores places that are just outside of cities we know and love – close enough for that weekend escape.

Whether you’re a local or need to fly in, these destinations are close enough to be convenient but far enough away to make it a true vacation. This week, we’re taking a look inside (and outside!) of Hyatt Lost Pines Resort & Spa, just a thirty-minute drive from the airport in Austin, Texas. And you might think you have the measure of this place at a glance, but trust us – there’s more than you know to look forward to. 

Inside Hyatt Lost Pines


When you arrive at Hyatt Lost Pines, the first thing will strike you is its character. Stretching 405 acres alongside the Colorado River in Austin Hill Country, the Lost Pines Resort looks like a combination between a manor house and a lodge. The exterior atmosphere is rugged stone, sprawling balconies and a classic air – combined with the natural beauty of Texas.

Each room or suite in the hotel has a unique feel, with a contemporary lodge vibe. The color palette throughout the hotel is earthy browns, dark wood, and touches of natural blues and whites to capture the essence of the riverside resort. 

Also available as an accommodation at the resort is the Litton House, a 2,600-square-foot cottage with two bedrooms. With soaring ceilings, exposed beams, a view of the golf course and room for 8, this is the perfect place to take your family for an exclusive getaway. 

Amenities That Make Your Weekend Spectacular


Once you’re checked in and ready to explore, the wonders abound. Here are a number of amenities at the resort that you’ll want to avail yourself of:

  • Renegade Trailhead: Saddle up and head over to the ranch for some outdoor delights. Ride the trails, pop the kids up on a pony ride, or enjoy archery, fishing, and more.
  • Mascots: It’s longhorn country, right? So guests should take some time to get to know the mascot animals you’ll find around the property, including the famed longhorns, alpacas, goats and miniature horses.
  • Spa Django: In the wilderness at Lost Pines, Spa Django gazes out over a serene pond. Customizable packages that span 18 rooms offer guests treatments that include hot tubs, steam rooms, an adults-only pool and a variety of traditional and modern massages and services.
  • Wolfdancer Golf Club: We mentioned the view from the Litton House before, and there’s an 18-hole golf course for guests to enjoy while there. In addition, a 13-acre practice facility gives rookie golfers or those looking to polish their swing a place to perfect the art form. 
  • And guests can enjoy dining at any of 5 amazing options: Shellers Barrelhouse Bar, which offers casual Texas fare and craft microbrews; McDade’s Coffee Emporium and Ice Cream Saloon, for an old fashioned general store-meets-ice-cream feel; Firewheel Cafe, an all-day Southern cuisine delight; Scribes Club, which offers light bites, craft cocktails, and a gentleman’s club atmosphere for those looking for a little quiet – but don’t worry, everyone is welcome here; and Old Buck’s Place, with poolside cocktails, local craft beer and light bites.
  • Speaking of that pool, the pool experience at Lost Pines is something else. With a waterpark-type experience, guests can float on the lazy river, go for a plunge in the massive pool or ride the waterslides; it’s the perfect place to escape the Texas heat. 

For more information on this all-inclusive, far-ranging full experience resort, visit the website

Keep Austin Weird


If you’re headed through Austin on your way to Lost Pines, you may want to stop and stay awhile, as they say in Texas. It’s a city unlike any other, and in recent years it has become a hub of tech and Silicon Valley companies as they migrate out of California.

First of all, there’s a vibrant beer scene in Austin you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. With breweries, bars and beer gardens galore, it’s a beer-lover’s dream. 

And there’s a growing art scene in Austin for the creative visitor. With dozens of art galleries and museums, there’s something for everyone when exploring the city.

If you’re wondering how a city in Texas lassoed the slogan, “Keep Austin Weird,” it’s a surprisingly simple story. Austin CultureMap writes, “In 2000, [Austin Community College librarian Red] Wassenich phoned into KOOP Radio’s The Lounge Show to donate money. When the radio host asked why he was contributing, Wassenich replied, ‘I don’t know. It helps keep Austin weird.’

With that reply, a slogan was born, and Austin’s international reputation for being weird, zany, and slightly off-kilter was established.”

And is it weird, zany and slightly off-kilter? Absolutely. But don’t take our word for it – head to Hyatt Lost Pines and get your vacation and exploration on in Austin, Texas.