Weekend Getaway: Have a Grand Ole Time at Gaylord Opryland Resort

When people visit Nashville, Tennessee, they often do so for two reasons: visiting the heart of horse country or visiting

Weekend Getaway: Have a Grand Ole Time at Gaylord Opryland Resort

When people visit Nashville, Tennessee, they often do so for two reasons: visiting the heart of horse country or visiting the heart of music. Straddling the verdant Smoky Mountains in Tennessee is a city with a vibrancy unlike any other, and a culture that revolves around the rich history of music that has grown from the region. With the Grand Ole Opry just minutes away, the perfect place to stay on your exploration of Nashville is the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center. It’s more than just a place to lay your head at night, and for a quick Weekend Getaway, few resorts offer as much. 

A Hotel With Much to Offer

Gaylord Opryland Resort

When you stay at a resort, you expect amenities. At Gaylord Opryland, there are almost too many to list. From a unique water attraction to dining, shopping and everything in between – it’s the kind of place you stay when you want to get out of your room and have fun. Here’s a look at the most exciting amenities Gaylord Opryland has to offer:

  • SoundWaves: Spanning both inside and outside the resort is the SoundWaves water experience, which is more than just a water park. Like everything else in Nashville, music is a theme woven throughout the experience. Attractions include an indoor wave pool for surfing, multiple person rafting rides, slides, a lazy river and so much more. 
  • Garden Atrium: When first entering the resort, guests are swept up in the breathtaking 9 acres of indoor gardens and architecture. Ride a riverboat through the 4.5-acre Delta river as it winds through the resort. 
  • Shopping: Part of the indoor amenities that look like their own charming, miniature city include a shopping district full of boutiques, fashion stores, retail shops and more. Whether it’s souvenirs, jewelry, or day to day needs, you’ll find it while wending your way through the indoor outdoor-styled streets of your favorite new air-conditioned shopping experience.
  • Spa: As a Marriott property, the Relâche Spa offers the very best of a European-inspired zen experience. With three pristine pools and a 24-hour fitness club, guests can relax or get sweaty – whatever the heart desires.

The resort itself is grand in scope and allows for guests to enjoy an endless variety of fun options just a few steps from their luxurious rooms. 

Rooms and More

Gaylord Opryland Resort

Speaking of rooms, if you plan to stay in – you won’t be disappointed. Each of the standard rooms from king and double queen rooms on up to the suites are decorated in simple palettes of white, cream and black and gray tones. Designed to evoke a soothing, elegant atmosphere and put guests at their ease after a long day of cavorting around the resort, each room is a little castle unto itself filled with comfort and luxury.

The Parlor and Deluxe suites also offer a Nashville-styled sitting area with extra sleeping spaces for more guests. With a view of Nashville or a view of the atrium, no matter where guest rooms are, they’ll find a beautiful view of a city of a sort – whether the real one or the one inside the resort. 

In keeping with their grand fashion, the resort offers 20 places from which to enjoy food or drink. Dining options include Wasabi’s Sushi, Stax, Paisano’s Pizzeria & Vino, Jack Daniel’s, Fuse Sports Bar and more – including Cascades American Cafe, nestled in the indoor atrium with a beautiful view of the water gardens. 

For drinks, Cocoa Bean and several bars and lounges provide the perfect place to sit and sip awhile, as they do in the South. 

Visiting Nashville is a Musical Experience

Gaylord Opryland Resort

If you can tear yourself away from the wonders in Gaylord Opryland Resort, wonders in Nashville await. Here are some of the highlights of the Music City you won’t want to miss on your Weekend Getaway adventure:

  • Grand Ole Opry: Of course, the venue that gives Opryland its name, this is one of the country’s most celebrated music destinations. Musical artists who aspire to greatness all have the Opry on their bucket list, and there’s a storied history of the greats playing on their rise to superstardom. 
  • Country Music Hall of Fame: More than a museum, the Hall of Fame gathers together the history of country music with a transcendent experience including interactive exhibits and memorable attractions.
  • A taste of Nashville: Known for their Southern flare, diners in Nashville offer a bold combination of local flavors and menus from around the world. Whether you want a tour of the Jack Daniel’s Distillery or a nip in to the local diners that wind through the heart of Nashville, it’s a food-and-drink-lover’s paradise.
  • Southern Charm meets Modern Convenience: Nashville is a city of extremes. With all the charm of an old Southern city but the cutting-edge rapid-fire change that comes from being at the forefront of the music industry, the identity of Nashville is a blend of old and new. Whether you’re looking to take a tour of old Southern plantation homes or see some modern art, Nashville offers a plethora of each era. 

While staying at the Gaylord Opryland, the resort entreats guests to enjoy, ” more of everything you love.” And in a way, that’s a perfect catchphrase for Nashville itself – it’s a city with more: more music, more food, more vibrancy, more life. Although it doesn’t often receive the same hype as star cities like Los Angeles or New York, a weekend escape to Nashville may be exactly what a weary spirit needs. 

For more information on the Gaylord Opryland Resort, or to plan and book your stay – visit the website

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