Weekend Getaway: New Colorado Luxury Hotel Vaquera House is a Cowboy Adventure in Comfort and Style

When heading to Colorado, there's probably an image in the back of your mind about what it means to vacation

Weekend Getaway: New Colorado Luxury Resort Vaquera House is a Cowboy Adventure in Comfort and Style

When heading to Colorado, there's probably an image in the back of your mind about what it means to vacation in The Centennial State. Cowboys, towering mountains, and a rugged way of life long abandoned in other parts of the country.

But there's one new hotel in Colorado where you don't have to pick between luxury and the rugged vacation of your adventurer's dream – you can have it all. For the perfect Weekend Getaway location, Crested Butte's newest hotel Vaquera House is everything you've dreamed of and more.

Rugged Meets Luxury Accommodations

When driving to Crested Butte and Vaquera House, first-time visitors will be struck by the wide-open sky, towering mountains, and rolling plains dotted with either wildflowers or snow – depending on when you visit. When you first stroll through the lobby doors of Vaquera House, you'll be struck by the rustic charm with an upscale twist. A towering, roaring fireplace greets visitors – adjacent to a library with all the books you can imagine to unwind after a day on the go.

The guest accommodations orbit around a concept of a multi-textured experience and contrasts. Neutral tones are blended with startling stripes and plaids, dark wood and bold rich colors that create visual interest. Design elements include clay walls, heated oak and Basalt stone floors, quartzite cabinet tops, custom vanities, floor to ceiling tile from Spain, and real wood hewn beams.

Soft linens contrast with smooth leather, stone with wood – each room its own delightful smorgasbord of feels and looks. And third floor rooms offer heated floors and steam showers – so no worries about cold drafts on high.

Whether you book the Penthouse Balcony, Studio King, Loft King with View or other delightful accommodation option, you'll be torn between the soothing and elegant view within – and the breathtaking mountain views just outside of your window. There are only 10 rooms, so every stay at Vaquera House feels like your very own hotel – in the heart of some of the most beautiful countryside in the world.

Amenities for the Adventure-Lover and Homebody Alike

Once you've checked in and had some time to enjoy your peaceful private retreat, there's so much to do you won't know where to start – so plan ahead and don't get overwhelmed.

Colorado is a year-round playground for the outdoor adventurer, with each season bringing its own delights. In the winter, sledding, skiing and snowboarding is just a short hop away – so close you can see it from bed.

During the warmer months, Crested Butte offers and endless variety of outdoor activities to partake in from the conveniently located Vaquera House.

Guests will wake up to a beautifully prepared breakfast, and they can either strike out into the wilderness or stay in and curl up with a book – they'll even make you s'mores.

A hot tub on the upper deck of the property offers a breathtaking view of the Butte, and on property dining offers a delicious taste of local flavor with some international know-how.

There's nothing quite like relaxing in private, personalized, absolutely unbeatable luxury – with the beauty of nature's wonder all around.

Exploring Crested Butte

Once you've explored the hotel and feel like setting out, you find yourself in Crested Butte – an unassuming name for a breathtaking destination.

A rocky mountain town surrounding by dream ski locales, Crested Butte has a charming small-town downtown feel with shoppes and diners you can enjoy like a local.

Wildflowers decorate the mountainside in warm weather, and snow adorns the town in winter. In Crested Butte, all roads lead to beauty – so going for a drive along the winding, gently sloping roads into and out of the town is a perfect way to take in the Colorado vista if you're ready for some air conditioning – or heat.

Lakes dot the surrounding countryside, so paddleboarding, kayaking and other water sports are available when the weather is right.

Just like the goal of Vaquera is to make you feel right at home away from home – Crested Butte locals welcome guests like long lost friends, and the town itself inspires your soul.

It's just under a four hour drive from Colorado Springs and not much longer from Denver – the perfect place for a quick Weekend Getaway when you need to feel pampered and luxurious, but want to set your soul free somewhere rugged and full of Earth's natural wonders.