Weekend Getaway: Vista Collina is a Napa Valley Lover’s Escape

Valentine’s Day is exactly one month away. There’s nothing more romantic than a beautiful resort with breathtaking views, but unfortunately

Collina Valley

Valentine’s Day is exactly one month away. There’s nothing more romantic than a beautiful resort with breathtaking views, but unfortunately for the romantics among us, Valentine’s Day is not a national holiday. So what’s a lover to do if they want to take their person somewhere special but only have 2 days off work to do so? A weekend getaway is the answer. Somewhere close and accessible but that will transport you away from worries and stress. Vista Collina in the Napa Valley California is the perfect place for West Coast lovers to go for that quick vacation. Or stay longer – the choice is yours. 

Vista Collina – Perfect as Valentine’s Day Approaches

Vista Collina

It’s a busy work day, and you’re taking a quick break before you press on. Work is calling but you hear something else: the siren call of a weekend escape. Your brain plays scenes of the sun setting over breathtaking round hills, vineyards marching off into the distance like dancers frozen in the amber light of the sun’s waning light. What you really need is a few days away from it all, and what we have for you is the perfect place to make that happen.

Vista Collina in Napa Valley is a quick trip away from almost everything in Southern California, and it’s the perfect romantic place to take your lover for Valentine’s Day – and every day. Here are some of the things you’ll want to know if you’re dreaming of a weekend escape with your family, friend, or that one special person:

  • Accommodations: The resort itself is a charming interpretation of an Italian villa estate. Sprawling across a cleft between vineyard hills, the resort rooms all offer a unique view of the surrounding greenery and blue sky. The rooms are luxurious and spacious, borrowing from the region for a decor palette. The interior decor uses natural creams and dark woods to set a soft backdrop, with jewel tones including apt wine-colored touches throughout to evoke the soul of Napa Valley. 
  • Dining: You won’t want for dining options at Villa Collina. From Italian restaurant Olive & Hay to Crush Lounge, Blend Cafe, Food Truck offerings, Tasting Rooms, Fivetown Grocery and more – it’s exactly the culinary destination you need to offset the rut you’re in at home. 
  • Outdoor Activities: Like most resorts in California, wellness is a core tenet of Vista Collina. Indulge in morning yoga, go on a hike, meditate or participate in a farm to dinner program – it’s all centered around enhancing your inner and outer wellness in accordance. 
  • Spa: Spa Terra at Vista Collina is a full-service experience. Whether your goal is fitness or relaxation, there’s something for every guest at Spa Terra. Catch any one of many massages, facials and other spa activities as you unwind for the day and plan for your next activity.
  • Indoor Activities: One of the most important aspects of wellness is laughter. At Vista Collina, a vibrant comedy program rotates throughout the year and includes Cooking with Comedians – a belly-laugh fest that will feast your belly with laughter and good food. 

To plan and book your weekend at Vista Collina – or to stay a little longer – head over to the website and see all the wonders they have to offer. 

Napa Valley

Vista Collina

Many people consider Los Angeles the heart of California, and San Diego the mind. If that’s so, then Napa Valley is the soul. A breathtaking expanse of rolling hills and brilliant azure skies, Napa Valley is the heart and soul of the wine industry in California. More than 400 wineries span the region, offering everything from wine tastings and vineyard tours to behind-the-scenes looks at how it all comes together.

If wine isn’t your thing, there’s still plenty to do in this Italian hill-like region, including a rich art and cultural scene and a deep connection to the history of the valley region. On a clear day, you can see hot air balloons floating by and hitch a ride if you want a birds-eye view. Seeing the area from above will give you an appreciation for the breadth and scope of it all, from hills and vineyards to a rugged coastline along the West. 

Music lovers and festival goers also have a lot to look forward to in Napa Valley with BottleRock Napa Valley, Napa Valley Jazz Getaway, Yountville Live, Festival Napa Valley and more. 

So put on some comfortable shoes and get ready to explore this unique natural destination – whether you prefer to do that from inside a luxurious hotel room, inside the basket of a hot air balloon, on foot, horseback, bike or car – it’s the perfect place to unplug your soul and enjoy some fresh breezes and beautiful views. 

Weekend Getaway – For that Quick Escape

Vista Collina

Weekend Getaway is a new series from CELEB that will explore vacation destinations that are perfect for a quick hop-skip out of your everyday life. Not everyone has the time to travel far or the resources to spend thousands on plane tickets. So we take readers on a journey through locations that are close enough to be convenient, but far enough away to be magical.

Join us this year for Weekend Getaways that will inspire you to set down your burdens for a few days and get back in touch with the relaxed side of you who’s waiting under all of your worries and cares.