Wellness Brand Cymbiotika Brings Their Products to a New Market: The UK

The beloved wellness brand Cymbiotika is about to be readily available to a whole new market of customers in the

Wellness Brand Cymbiotika Brings Their Products to UK

The beloved wellness brand Cymbiotika is about to be readily available to a whole new market of customers in the United Kingdom. The brand has announced the launch of a new website that will help wellness lovers and newcomers to the world to explore all Cymbiotika has to offer. With a company that focuses on the pure, best products on the market and providing customers with the tools they need to maximize their wellness potential, it’s an exciting opportunity for a whole new market to explore. 

New Website Brings Opportunity to the UK


Cymbiotika has branched out again, this time on the world wide web. the wellness company known for its innovative approach, clinically backed products, and pure-ingredients pledge is opening a new ecommerce store designed to bring the United Kingdom into the family. The new UK website will provide in-depth descriptions for every product, user-friendly blogs and access to information, recipes, an interactive health quiz that offers personalized health recommendations – and it was all brought to life by Cymbiotika’s industry-leading doctors and scientists.

A Bundle & Save option plus a robust Rewards Program offers customers a way to save while getting or maintaining wellness. Reduced international shipping and custom fees along with reduced shipping times mean that it doesn’t matter if you’re across the pond; Cymbiotika is right within your reach.

CEO and managing partner of Cymbiotika, Shahab Elmi, offered in a statement; “Our business is driven by the goal of empowering as many people as possible worldwide to reclaim their health and live long, happy lives. While we are still at the start of the new year, 2022 has already kicked off with an unprecedented level of growth for us toward this objective. We are beyond elated to announce this next step in our global strategy, providing a new way for Cymbiotika’s top-quality products to reach customers in the UK market.”

Cymbiotika – Wellness at Your Fingertips


If Cymbiotika is new to you, never fear: it’s easy to understand. If wellness is your goal, and purity of ingredients and clinical research high on your list of priorities, it’s the brand you’ll want to get on board with. CELEB has followed Cymbiotika, and wrote of their expansion into the world of ACV, “There are hundreds of wellness brands out there so you may be asking yourself, ‘Why should I choose Cymbiotika?’ In a word: quality. The Cymbiotika mission is ‘your mind and body deserve the best’ and the team is dedicated to providing it. The San Diego-based brand is driven by the purpose of inspiring everyone to achieve their maximum wellness, whatever that may look like.

Founder Jafarieh, CEO Shahib Elmi and CFO Durana Elmi work together to insure that every product that comes to customers is of the highest quality. Jafarieh is closely involved with the planning, testing, and production processes. He’s not content to just order a product and sell it en masse, he wants to make sure it’s perfect from conception to customer.

With a brand that focuses on a variety of health approaches including gut health, mental wellness, skin health and overall balance, you’ll find something for everyone with the Cymbiotika brand family.”

Other New Products You Should Know


Speaking of that Apple Cider Vinegar expansion: Cymbiotika is always updating their products, when they find both a need to fill and the science to meet that need. Back in November of 2021, the company expanded their product family again to include ACV products that harnesses traditional remedies with modern applications.

And this is how Cymbiotika grows its brands in a nutshell; they’ve learned how to combine the traditional wisdom with the age of information. Not only that, but the lead team fosters an environment of team members who are valued, and they are involved with every step of the process to insure that every product that reaches customers is of the utmost quality and function.

Here are some of their flagship products:

  • Probiotics: There are dozens of options on the market, but none of them contain the precision and care the Cymbiotika team has put into developing this product. With 19 probiotic strains trademarked plant-based prebiotics and a blend of herb alchemy and amino acids, the Cymbiotika probiotics may be the solution you’ve been waiting for to help with your gut microbiome, energy levels, stress and more. A 30-day supply starts at $80. 
  • Adrenal Super Tonic: This tonic contains a proprietary blend of Lavendar hydrosol, Organic Rose Geranium hydrosol, Rosemary hydrosol, Guava extract (1.8% Zinc), Moringa and more – making it the perfect support for better mood, general well-being as well as overall health and vitality. A 30-day supply starts at $50. 
  • Mineral Shilajit Resin: Liquid Gold: This product is a complex mineral sourced from the highest reaches of the world. It’s considered a “super nutrient” and has been used in European and Ayurvedic medicine for centuries to heal the body of certain deficiencies and activating full cellular potential. A 30-day supply starts at $60. 
  • Allergy Defense: With Spring on the horizon, everyone is starting to think about allergies again. This product is a synergistic blend of antioxidants, bioflavonoids, medicinal herbs, enzymes, and cofactors. Get your body read to repel mold, allergens and parasites with a daily regimen. A 30-day supply starts at $37. 

For a closer look at the products Cymbiotika has to offer and to start or continue your wellness journey, visit the website. To give the new UK website a try, click here