4 Wellness Trends You Should Adopt Into Your Lifestyle In 2023

Wellness trends caught the attention of a much larger audience during the year 2020 when everyone had the time to

Wellness Trends

Wellness trends caught the attention of a much larger audience during the year 2020 when everyone had the time to actually focus on themselves. Since then, trends and fads have come and gone, while other habits have stuck more permanently. Entering 2023 is a new list of anticipated wellness practices to aid in bettering your lifestyle and feeling your very best.

Wellness Is Endless

Health and wellness have no ceiling. There are often new tricks, innovative technology, and inspiring habits to take on when trying to better oneself. Check out these 4 trends that are expected to catch some traction this year according to experts in the industry.

Wellness Tools

If there’s anything that millennials and Gen Z have grown a subtle obsession with, it’s at-home spa tools that can be used at any hour of the day. Don’t get us wrong, everyone LOVES a good spa day, but when you’re in a time crunch and need speedy results, a spa isn’t always optimal (especially for us instant gratification babies). Alexandria Gilleo, wellness expert, celebrity makeup artist, and founder of MY Zen Den in Beacon, New York believes that “we will see more wellness and beauty tech products come out on the market. Red light therapy devices, microcurrent facial tools, and lasers that people can use at home themselves will be big. Biotech skincare will make waves as a wellness trend in 2023.”

All Day Spa Days

Those who just have the time or have the time to make the time will be turning their 60-minute massage into a full-day spa experience. “Guests are using the spa facilities and getting treatments for a full-day experience, rather than just coming in for a massage. This reflects the growing importance of self-care and wellness among the younger generation. We’re seeing more frequent requests for add-on spa enhancements, like a facial mask or wax service on top of a 50-minute massage to make an entire day out of their visit,” said Erin Downey Stremcha, director of marketing at Trilogy Spa Holdings, which consult with the St. Somewhere Spa. She explained, “Guests are enjoying longer visits to the spa than ever before.”

Sober Curiosity Continues

Sober curiosity has become increasingly popular following the majority of the country’s bender at the beginning of the pandemic lockdown. Although drunken nights have their share of fun they also haunt you the next day with a hangover that’s well, not so fun. Plenty of alcohol-free brands such as Raising the Bar and De Soi have made their way to the beverage market with the intent of removing the negatives of drinking while maintaining the culture.

Micro Workouts

For some, the gym is a luxury. Time and money have a way of hindering the ability to make exercise a habit and that’s where micro workouts come into play. Adrian Richardson, senior content strategist for Fitbit at Google, personal trainer and strength training coach states, “Removing the time barrier to exercise is a major factor in the growing popularity of this wellness trend. This bite-size, low-intensity format makes it easier to squeeze movement into more moments throughout the day. It might include a morning dance with your favorite influencer, a quick set of push-ups and squats before lunch, and an evening yoga session to help you wind down and de-stress. These short takes on fitness add up to big results, and are a delightful and fun way to get moving.”

Other wellness interests gaining popularity this year include sleep syncing, mouth taping, mushroom consumption, and healing circles. With so many new practices, what new trends will you have on your 2023 health and wellness bucket list?