What Costumes Can we Expect from the Top Celebrities for Halloween 2021?

Spooky season is around the corner and we all know what that means, “the one time out of the year


Spooky season is around the corner and we all know what that means, “the one time out of the year we can dress how we want and not be judged for it”, or so says our memory of Cady Heron in Mean Girls. Halloween sparks something in the Hollywood Hills as celebrities dress to impress and wow us with the most glamorous, intricate, and sometimes less than “appropriate” Halloween ensembles. Over the years we have seen some of the craziest and sexiest costumes from our favorite celebrities. We are ready to guess what our top favorite stars might be wearing for this Halloween season and switch the gears from Music Festival enable to All Hollows Eve costume anticipation.

Sassy, Sleek and Sexy

The Kardashians are no stranger to tight fits and revealing outfits, especially during the spooky season the sister have been known to take the extra risk and get away with flashier costumes that leave little to the imagination. Up first on our radar is Kendall Jenners 2020 Pamala Anderson bodysuit. Sleek, and sexy Jenner sure did “bring it” at her elaborate 25th Birthday costume party including famous guests who rocked more of our favorite past Halloween Costumes.

Kendall has been sticking to a glamours theme for her latest events during 2021 and will perhaps have glamour reflect in this year’s costume. Following the footsteps of her sister, Kylie, and Kim who have been seen in past years dressed as a sexy Red Riding Hood, early 2000’s Christina Aguilera, and don’t forget the sister trio of mystical Victoria Secret Angels that simply cannot be topped.

Having done everything from, celebrity impersonations to Disney Princess costumes, we suspect with the rise of Kylie Cosmetics and Kim Kardashian’s strange ensembles in recent events that the Kardashians may attempt to create an entirely new set of Halloween costumes that we can’t even imagine. It may not be far-fetched to expect something completely weird and odd from Kim this year, perhaps she’ll choose to recreate herself as a pair of shoes to go with her T-shirt Met Gala dress. The Kardashians raise the bar high every year meaning we expect something over the top for Halloween 2021 from all five sisters.

Those models sure do know how to work it and Hailey Baldwin Bieber is no exception. Making an appearance at best bud Kendall Jenners Costume party in 2020, Baldwin and Hubby Justin Bieber bring the heat as they dress up as a rather sexy nurse and Woody from Toy Story. Baldwin has been known to partake in October Festivities in rather girly and risqué outfits, however, Hubby Justin has taken a back seat to Halloween in past years.

Obviously, their debut on Halloween together made all those Jailey lovers even happier and for this year, we have some requests for the couples 2021 costume! The couple could very well remain in their love bubble during party season or…… go out with a bang dressed like the early stages of “Justin Bieber” and a young unbothered Hailey Baldwin, RIGHT?! Whether they take our advice or not, we hope to see the love birds take the cake on a 2021 best costume award!

Mystical and Maybe Not’s


What would a costume article be without some of the worst costumes yet? Over the years there has been a fair share of costumes we’d like to forget about along with some that were certainly eye-grabbing. Since the 2021 Met Gala, we have had our eyes on some stars that wowed us for their Gala outfits and could potentially wear something similar to regain that attention for a season fit for those mystical celebrities. Canadian Singer an ex to Billionaire Elon Musk, Grimes certainly has an interest in a euphoric style of clothing. Grimes’s 2021 Met Gala showcased a look from the 1984 movie “Dune” as her representation of Anna Wintour’s theme of “American Beauty”.

The singer clearly has a unique fashion sense and we predict seeing Grimes in a Halloween costume so galactic and realistic it’ll shake the planet. We have also noticed the trends of big coats and misshapen dresses and could potentially be used to recreate classic costumes into a modern twist. Who do we think might take on the challenge of a classic costume and transform it? well obviously Rihanna, Lis Nas X, Billie Eilish, and red carpet slayer, Zendaya. We are counting on you guys!

We revisit Costumes of past Halloweens to remind you who may fail to deliver a costume that can compete with the rest of Hollywood. Sandra Bullock as a fisherman, Emily Ratajkowski as Marge Simpson, and Katy Perry as a flaming hot Cheeto? some of Hollywood’s most famous stars have taken the neighborhoods and elite parties with costumes that certainly turn heads, we just can’t figure out if it’s in a good way or not? What can we say, we love the fails and love the triumphs, and here’s who we can’t wait to see this Halloween season.

The Kings and Queens of Halloween


Some people just know how to work it and this year we can’t wait to see those celebrities who never leave us disappointed on Halloween.  Heidi Klum has been named The Queen of Halloween in Hollywood for her time-consuming and transforming costumes that wow every year. Klum has been seen as an identical look-a-like to Jessica Rabbit, Fiona from Shrek, a crow, a human body, and of course herself as an 80-year-old woman.

Nothing is better than seeing yourself as an 80-year-old woman except our favorite celebrity couples dressed up as the most iconic characters and rulers in the world. Sophia Turner, Joe Jonas, the weekend, Bella Hadid, and of course the Chrissy and John Legend rocked the cutest couple costumes in 2020. The Adams Family, Beetlejuice, and of course the Queen of England herself was done perfectly by these power couples! we were thinking Ken and Barbie or the Nightmare before Christmas for this year Chrissy and John?

With many of our stars getting back to normal life as a celebrity, we hope and anticipate more starts out this Halloween than in past years due to the lockdown prohibition gatherings. Stars are being spotted out and about as they enjoy time back on the red carpet, in Music Festivals and parties among old friends. It’s not far-fetched to assume 2021 will top the charts as far as costumes and festive parties along with the IG blowing up with Celebs Halloween and inspiration for your 20201 costumes.

We may not get our pick for these celebs’ 2021 costumes or who we want to see partying together but, how cool would that be?! Regardless, Hollywood’s love for Halloween surely shows and we can’t wait for October 31st.