Where 2.9 Million Followers Get’s You with The Globe Wanderer

What if you could quit your day job, create an online business, and travel the world without anyone looking over

The Globe Wanderer

What if you could quit your day job, create an online business, and travel the world without anyone looking over your shoulder? Who wouldn’t want the freedom to truly enjoy life while making money by fulfilling your deepest passion? I think most of us would attest to this lifestyle being what many of us dream of living but don’t quite know how to transform our life from the expected into the unexpected.

We see the Instagramers and the influencers flaunting their stuff all over social media and we think “if only I could post about what I love and it is worthwhile”, well why can’t you? this week I sat down with well-known Influencers and world traveler Mikki Tenazas who is the creator of “The Globe Wanderer” Instagram account, a catchy name right? Tenazas’s life is a perfect example of the shift from normal to extraordinary and you get to hear all about it in our interview with the entrepreneur.

Dreams Change

The Globe Wanderer

Many of us know that your current path in life most likely will not be the path you travel forever. How do you go from one life plan to the next? Tenazas explains, “I actually graduated from medicine and was planning to become a doctor. I always had a passion for photography and loved taking photos whenever I traveled. I got my medical license but decided not to pursue it and instead went to business. My online business allowed me to travel freely, and it was then that I got hooked on traveling. I started @theglobewanderer in 2014 and then built my other pages after. I then started getting offers from brands and tourism boards to work with them on campaigns”.

Tenazas’s success was almost instantaneously as his Instagram account gained the millionth mark in the first year of the account being active. This is a massive accomplishment but not impossible for all you reading this thinking “I could never do that”. With brands noticing the account’s incredible success,  the offers to influence through brand products started piling up for Tenazas allowing him to take traveling to a new level along with the success of his online business. What could be better than big brands reaching out and millions of followers for this young entrepreneur? we would say NOTHING and Tenazas is right there with us. He explains “it’s great validation for the work that I did in building the pages. Starting the pages meant working around the clock to search for post and content regularly to keep the page growing and currently with no over 2.9  million followers on just The Globe Wanderer account only, it’s extremely time consuming but my pride and joy”.

If there is one misconception that is more common than any other about being an influencer, it’s that the job is easy. The profession of Influencing comes with stress and around-the-clock work believe it or not. Like any other business, it starts from the bottom and grows to the top with the amount of work that is put in. Social media has boomed in the past few years more than ever, meaning the competition is out there and successful influencers must constantly keep on top of finding new and fresh content.

Advice From a World Traveler

The Globe Wanderer

The opportunity to give your passion a chance is something we should all take, pushing away the fears of failure and negative feedback. If the world has taught us anything in the past two years, it would be that life is short and you never know when the opportunity to do what you want will stop. Whether your passion is travel, photography, business, modeling, branding, sports, etc. get out there and share it because it only takes one person to spread a passion for something among many and it starts YOU.

If you haven’t checked out “The Globe Wanderer” page, it’s filled with the most incredible shots of the world you may ever see. Tenazas has a real eye for picking out content and creating photographs of his own. He has been to over 68 countries and some of the most stunning locations. I don’t know about you but I think I need to start my own business if it means traveling to 68 countries! Tenazas tells me ” it’s hard to choose one favorite but if I had to pick my top three they would be Japan, Seychelles, and Switzerland “. With that being said I am excited to share the top four places The Globe Wanderer personally recommends us to visit, complete with incredible photos by Mikki Tenazas.

Be Your Own Globe Wanderer

The Globe Wanderer

1. Seychelles – Located near East Africa, Seychelles is its own country and sits in the Indian Ocean. Tenazas says,  “A lot of people have never heard of this place and are not even sure of where it’s located. This place has stunning rock formations and white sand beaches. Plus it’s the only place you can see Aldabra tortoises roaming freely”. Seychelles is one of the smallest countries in the world and is surrounded by 115 other tropical islands in the Indian ocean. With popular tourist locations around Africa and the surrounding Islands, Seychelles is the perfect private getaway.

2. Faroe Island – Comprised of 18 rocky volcanic islands, Faroe Island is a Territory of Denmark and is set between Iceland and Norway in the Atlantic Ocean. Capturing this location to Tenazas is one of the greatest experiences because ” It’s like Iceland, but with even more epic landscapes and a remote location that makes it hard for most tourists to get to”. The Island is an incredible place to be if your goal is to be remote which will certainly be accomplished in the Faroe Island.

3. Bora Bora – The Jewel of the South Seas is where we all want to be and are jealous of those who are. Unfortunately, all we can do is show you more amazing shots of this iconic vacation destination and get you one step closer to buying that plane ticket. Crystal clear beaches are what Celeb dreams of,  but the real expert describes Bora Bora as “beautiful beaches, an iconic landscape, incredible biodiversity and the opportunity to swim and dive with mantas”; Okay the mantas have me sold.

4. Bhutan – “A land frozen in time, Bhutan is one of the most unique destinations I’ve ever been to. It has beautiful temples, incredible landscapes, and the friendliest people I’ve ever met!”. Well doesn’t that just sound fantastic? For all you travelers that are looking for a frozen vacation destination, Mikki Tenazas has the perfect one for you in South Asia on the eastern ridge of the Himalayas.