Whiskey Business: Conor McGregor X Dough For a Great Cause

When the theme of the month is “giving” it’s only right to do so. And what better way to motivate


When the theme of the month is “giving” it’s only right to do so. And what better way to motivate donations than with a tasty incentive? (And before you jump to conclusions, no I’m not referring to Girl Scout cookies.) Although there’s nothing like a Somoa from a freshly opened box, we’ve got something better- a limited edition whiskey-infused doughnut. Talk about sugar, spice and everything nice, right? Right.

Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey founded by multi weight MMA Champion Conor McGregor has collaborated with Dough Doughnuts to create something special. In celebration of National Coffee Day on September 29th the two brands released two flavors of whiskey-infused doughnuts that were said to be available only until October 28th, National First Responders Day. However, (drum roll please) the limited edition partnership has been extended to November 30th.

Grab A Bottle of Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey


With notes of Vanilla, honey and toasted wood,  Proper No. Twelve Whiskey was founded at the oldest distillery on the Isle of Ireland. To “capture the heart of the spirit” they use the traditional triple distillation method in copper pot stills. And to develop the character found in the rich flavors of vanilla, honey and toasted wood, the whisky is matured and blended to properly craft this ultra-smooth blend of fine grain Irish whiskey.

Alongside its amazing craft, Proper No. Twelve donates $5 for every case sold or up to $1MM per year to the Tunnel of Towers Foundation. “The donation will go towards paying off the mortgages of families of law enforcement officers and firefighters across the country, who were killed in the line of duty and left behind young children,” writes their website. Tunnel of Towers Foundation was founded in honor of Stephen Siller who sacrificed his life on September 11th. However, the foundation honors all military and first responders who continue to put their lives on the line for our country.

“A Sweet Treat For a Great Cause”


McGregor’s whiskey and Dough Doughnuts creatively put together a dessert that will be unforgettable at every holiday soiree- The Proper Irish Coffee Cream-Filled Doughnut and The Proper Irish Coffee Glazed Doughnut. But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let us share what a “Proper Irish Coffee” even is. This trending drink includes 2oz. of Proper No. Twelve Whiskey, 4oz. of hot coffee, .75oz of simple syrup and 2-3oz. of heavy cream. Give one on one attention to the heavy cream to get it slightly thickened using a shaker or jar. In a separate mug combine all of your other ingredients. From there, carefully layer your heavy cream on top and there you have it! A Proper Irish Coffee.

Getting to the reason why we’re all here however, the doughnuts. Do you have a napkin next to you for potential drooling?

  • The Proper Irish Coffee Cream-Filled Doughnut: A classic yeast doughnut filled with Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey-infused buttercream and a hint of vanilla, complementing the whiskey’s natural vanilla and honey notes, rolled in orange sugar. The sugar dusting and cream filling are reminiscent in the Proper Irish Coffee coffee recipe.
  • The Proper Irish Coffee Glazed Doughnut: A traditional yeast doughnut covered in Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey-infused cold brew coffee glaze. Made with Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey, cold brew extract and sugar, the combination enhaces Proper No. Twelves notes of Vanilla, honey and toasted wood. This doughnut pairs well with a Proper Irish Coffee cocktail.

Up until November 30th this delectable treat will be available at Dough’s retail locations throughout New York City and also nationwide through their website. And just like the whiskey, a portion of the profits will go towards The Tunnel to Towers Foundation. So not only is a treat for you this season but it’s a treat to those who have done heroic things all year round.