Who is Andrew Tate? Here are the Top 5 Best (Or Worst) Andrew Tate Moments

Andrew Tate could well be the internet's most divisive figure. Either you think he's a brilliant satirist or societal commentator

Who is Andrew Tate? Here are the Top 10 Best (Or Worst) Andrew Tate Moments

Andrew Tate could well be the internet's most divisive figure.

Either you think he's a brilliant satirist or societal commentator – or you think he's a jerk, and a misogynist. It seems like there are pretty much only two camps, and everyone falls into one or the other. Well, that's not true – the third camp would be those who haven't heard of him.

But if you need a refresher, we've gathered 5 of Tate's best moments. Or…worst, depending on who you ask.

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5 of Andrew Tate’s Best Moments

  • Eat Moar Chickn: No, it's not the Chick-fil-a cows this time. It's Tate raining his wisdom down upon the poors. Tate released a video explaining to people that the reason they're poor and not millionaires is because – wait for it – they cook. Crickets, we know. Tate explained that wasting time doing something you're not paid for is real low wage living, and all you need to do is a grab a rotisserie someone else got paid to cook. The only good thing about this bit of brilliance is that he didn't target only women – all non-millionaires are in his crosshairs here.
  • Big Brother Beat: It's not a Mos Def song, although we should be so lucky. When Tate first became popular, it was during his time on Big Brother. But he was released from the show after video surfaced of him beating a girlfriend. A paragon of class and gentlemanship, Tate's first real breakthrough was being a class A jerk. The girlfriend later said it wasn't what it appeared, but Tate's glee in participating in the image is perhaps enough of a character defining event for people to make their own judgment.
  • Roamin' to Romania: This one raises all the eyebrows. Tate moved to Romania, and he wasn't shy about explaining exactly why: Romanian police are less likely to prosecute sex crimes. Yikes, and yes he really admitted it. Tate says that in Eastern Europe, "the corruption is much more accessible," so that's a great sign.
  • King of the Castle: Tate describes his "masculine imperative" which is his right to control the household and be tended to by a subservient wife. Tate doesn't want women who argue about their worth or seek equality, he wants a traditional relationship with a woman who "knows her role." While he's right when he says that there are women out there happy to take a subservient role, one could argue that a man who finds himself in the dominant position in a relationship has a duty to keep her safe. Which wouldn't include beating her, FYI Tate.
  • Dogs, Women and Children – Potato, Potahto: He compares women to dogs and children. Diario AS writes, "… on the BFF’s podcast, Tate defended his opinion that women are like dogs and children, saying, 'You can’t be responsible for something that doesn’t listen to you. You can’t be responsible for a dog if it doesn’t obey you, or a child if it doesn’t obey you, or a woman that doesn’t obey you.'”

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More Moments When Andrew Tate Stopped the Internet in its Tracks

Tate's charm truly never ends. The problem with the Tate effect is that it's incredibly influential to his audience who happen to be mostly young impressionable boys.

CELEB wrote on Tate's thoughts about being called a misogynist – don't call him one, even though he's admitted to it before – and a man's right to cheat; "When referring to a man's lack of desire for loyalty [in the bedroom] he spoke about what sounds like a hierarchy system in a relationship stating, '…it's completely different for men and women. And, it's also different, because a lot of people misunderstand what I say, it's different for men of a certain status, right? If you're a man who has his s–t together, as a certain level of status you can say to a woman 'look, I love you with all my heart I want to be with you, I'm going to take care of you but you're not going to tell me what to do. I'm in charge because this is my life, you're on the Tate Train…'

He explained deeper into the minds of women, or as he confidently labeled, 'b–ches,' to tell the boys 'women are also addicted to drama. This is something else you have to understand about females.' Tate then gave the boys advice on how to keep the upper hand in a relationship by staying in control. He stated, 'it's about the mental framing.' And, if you're curious about Tate's view on the roles being reversed, well, 'it goes against the will of God in nature. It goes against the way of man.'"

Tate was recently banned from every social media platform basically for being a hatemonger and chronic problem, but he had one last chance to say goodbye via his website. Tate complained that many viral clips were, "taken out of context," and that childhood trauma affected his mental and physical fortitude. Tate explained in the video that he understands why he was banned, even if he doesn't agree with it; "I understand why they did it. It doesn’t matter if it’s a negative view of women, negative view of men negative view of a sexuality, it doesn’t matter what it is, it should be stopped, I agree with that. Instagram has a responsibility to show it is listening to the public."

Tate also added, "I'm very glad this happened because I feel like I now have a chance to tell the truth. And, I also feel like the social media companies are very understanding of their responsibilities and will always reflect national consciousness. And, as people understand the truth about me and my heart, their opinions about me will change also."