Wine Your Way Through This Winter With Avaline: Le Perfect Evening

Many can relate, “Like most good stories, ours starts with a few glasses of wine,” said by the Avaline founders. Cameron


Many can relate, “Like most good stories, ours starts with a few glasses of wine,” said by the Avaline foundersCameron Diaz and Katherine Power have taken the bottle into their hands to create something natural and free from the unwanted extras that’ll pour beautifully into your glass and most importantly, your body. They shared, “It’s wine at its purest, created with discerning drinkers (and friends) in mind, who embrace the pleasure of a whole life and relaxed approach to wellbeing.” Who wants to raise a glass to that?

As if you weren’t already bought in, it gets better. Avaline can be delivered to the comfort of your own home. However, if you’re anything like me and want something when you want it, you can also take a quick trip to your local wine shop to have it that night. Don’t get too impatient though. Wait until you’re home to break that baby open. It’ll be worth the wait, I promise.

The Gift of Transparency This Season


This season Avaline was inspired by the French to curate the perfect trio of wines for your bar cart. Diaz and Power partnered up with EthicDrinks, a pioneer in the sustainable drinking industry founded by Mickael Alborghetti. This very special 3-bottle collection of wines is made with organic French grapes. The ingredients beyond the grapes is simply just yeast, yeast nutrients and less than 100ppm of sulfites (the legal amount being as high as 350ppm). And, you’ll be pouring a glass of less than 1 gram of sugar. So, no need to worry about it spoiling your meal. “It’s everything I want for a holiday dinner party– something light, something that’s easy to pair with any dish and something decadent to sip into the night,” said Cameron Diaz.

Established with the intention to enjoy wine without the guilt of harming the earth, EthicDrinks’ purpose is to limit the ecological footprint generated in typical wine production. However, EthicDrinks is far from typical which is why they pair so well with Avaline for this festive trio. The Certified B Corporation is tremendously meticulous in making sure that their decisions are eco-conscious and planet-friendly. They ensure that producers meet requirements for environmental certifications, including France’s HVE and Terra Vitis certifications. In fact, in 2021 EthicDrinks was awarded “most sustainable packaging in wine” by the French Government.

Wine Like The French


The grapes that are the building blocks of flavor in this limited edition set are Grenache Blanc, Syrah and Bordeaux Blend.

  • The Grenache Blanc is a light expressive grape. It releases bright notes of lemon zest, stone fruit such as apricots and peaches and offers up fresh blossoms as well.
  • Syrah will bring a warm, spicy finish to your tastebuds. It’s flavors of blue fruits like blackberries, plums and blueberries give it it’s dark color, beautifully contrasting from the Grenache Blanc on your shelf.
  • Taking on a French wine classic of blending Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec and Cabernet Franc, the Bordeaux Blend was created. It gets its earthy notes from the Merlot and Cab Franc and is balanced out with the fruity and bold flavors that come the Cab and Malbec.

Avaline Le Perfect Evening is everything you’re  searching for this winter. “These wines are not only clean, delicious and made with organic French Grapes, they’re incredibly easy to pair with any dinner menu,” shared Katherine Power. Avaline is committed to natural goodness and pure enjoyment. This wine trio will carry the party from start to finish with not a drop left to spare.