Unthinkable: Woman Who Clawed Her Way Out of Shallow Grave After Being Buried Alive by Fiancé Dies from Pneumonia

34-year-old Stacey Gwilliam was horrifyingly attacked by fiancé Keith Hughes as they walked along a path in South Wales in

Daughter of Alleged Serial Killer Speaks Out

34-year-old Stacey Gwilliam was horrifyingly attacked by fiancé Keith Hughes as they walked along a path in South Wales in July of 2015.

Hughes strangled her and tried to bury her body in a shallow grave, but Gwilliam did not give up on life.

Gwilliam Survived the Unimaginable

Gwilliam somehow managed to claw her way out of the grave by her fingernails, and sought help from the police.

Hughes, who had crashed her car to hide the evidence and told police they would never find her, was then arrested.

A source spoke out and stated that Gwilliam spent three months in the hospital following the attack and had to learn how to walk and talk all over again.

Hughes was sent to jail for a life sentence with 8 years minimum by Judge Paul Thomas at Swansea Crown Court. In a statement during court, Gwilliam’s shared how she almost died and spent nearly three weeks in a coma after saying she did not want to be with him any longer.

She said, "The simple truth is what he told me that day: 'If I can't have you no-one can’. He knew the relationship was over and knew I would not go back to him. He took me down there that day to kill me, and he nearly succeeded. I will never ever forget what he did to me that day and what he did to me throughout our relationship and now I have to live with that for the rest of my life.”

A Tragic Ending to the Story

PC, Tom Evans of South Wales Police, shared that the former Virgina Atlantic worker suffered repeated cases of severe pneumonia in the years that followed the attack and then has now passed away at the age of 40 years old last November, but her death is just now being discussed publicly.

Evans stated, "She suffered with severe depression and anxiety and also suffered from pneumonia due to being buried alive.”

Gwilliams had previously met Hughes back in the year of 2011 before the abuse had started. Evans had shared that her family noticed the marks and bruises all over her body during the couple's relationship and they had feared for her safety.

Gwilliams suffered from a severe lung infection at the time of her death and was told to take antibiotics, but it was too late.

She was found dead in her bed the following day after self-medicating herself by trying to treat her infection. It was also shared that she started ordering medication online and toxicology reports showed multiple sedative drugs in her system, some of which had been prescribed.

The cause of death was accidental death due to bronchopneumonia and drugs. Evans said of Gwilliams' passing, "I have heard she suffered a number of health issues in her short life and was subjected to a number of abusive relationships. There is no evidence that she intended to end her life on this occasion. Stacey died as a result of self medicating when she was suffering from a chest infection."

It's a horrifying and tragic turn for a woman whose will to live brought her through the unimaginable.