A2B Essential Invites You To Sage Before You “Smash” With Their Haute Hygienic Wipes

Starting this off by saying, if you're uncomfortable with talking about the truths of natural body odor, especially those that

A2B Essential Invites You To Sage Before You "Smash" With Their Haute Hygienic Wipes

Starting this off by saying, if you're uncomfortable with talking about the truths of natural body odor, especially those that occur "down there", then keep reading. It's time to get comfortable. Not only because it's biological but because A2B Essential has created a product that can remove your worries over that area of your body (which is probably the root of why you're so uncomfortable with conversation around it.)

Freshness, or lack of, is marketed as a "problem." However, why make something so common be viewed as an issue? Instead, the truth is that everyone experiences it- whether it's after a long day of work, being at the gym, a pH level imbalance, and the list can go on.

A2B Essential is focused on making this conversation more comfortable to have internally, with friends, and/or with sexual partners. "How can I like, take this conversation and make it a little more approachable and less uncomfortable. But, to be quite honest, as a woman, you are really self-conscious about how you smell. There's no doubt about it. It's just that no one talks about it." Bridget Daley, Founder, and CEO of A2B Essential explained to CELEB. And men, before you stop scrolling, this refers to you also. Keep reading.

“One Wipe For All”

Daley shared a story with us about her experience getting back into the dating game post-divorce. She shared, The dating process and dating after the age of 40, is drastically different than dating when you're younger, clearly. And so what I found out was that, you know, dating younger men versus older men versus me. And I just sort of noticed that I would get really self-conscious, honestly, about down there." Daley continued on to tell us about a date with a man who was very forward about her level of freshness "down there" but how poor his approach us. This was the catalyst for A2B Essential, a wipe that could turn an uncomfortable conversation into something more real and genuine.

Daley explained, "any woman that says they don't talk about [it] or isn't worried about how they smell or wants to make sure that they smell fresh, even just when you're out in your everyday life, or after a yoga class, or even before you get intimate, or even after you are intimate," it's ultimately something that crosses our mind, men included.

She shared her findings when looking at wipe brands, explaining that all of them marketed the need or desire for freshness down there as something to be embarrassed over. She told CELEB, "the way they market these wipes, it's like, you're still embarrassed. It sort of still makes you feel gross, makes it like it's all about odors and smells that are gross. And, it still makes you feel uncomfortable."

Daley's goal became to create a wipe "that was still sexy, edgy, [it] talks about a really uncomfortable conversation," and she wanted to make it approachable as well. And, not only that, focusing on men and women, this wipe is not gender-specific, like most ones out there.

"A2B Essential is a gender-equal brand that doesn't discriminate when it comes to being and feeling fresh. Our front (A) + back (b) wipes are a singular fresh solution for men and women to use independently or together," according to their business plan.

These wipes are the definition of innovation people (and, that's not an opinion.)

Standing Out From The Rest

Daley talked to CELEB about her and her team's effort to create a brand that isn't specific to one gender. To do that means finding the proper pH balance. She explained, "pH balance for most people, they constantly think of women, but men have to be pH balanced just as much as women. So the great thing is our product is smack dab right in the middle of the balance and the levels between men and women." She told us about the magic ingredient that assisted in such luck of the balance but, we'll share that with you in a moment.

The Entrepreneur continued to tell us, "So, we decided we were going to be a gender-free product so that it took the guessing out of the game. And that we were really going to market it towards everybody- for men, women in any gender in between. So with that, we were trying to figure out how we, you know, what we decided to do what's going to be different about our product, so we're gender-free."

The list continues, as Daley shared more things that set A2B apart from the rest.

She revealed that their wipes are custom-made, reasoning because they are larger than other brands and also stronger. They are made out of bamboo they are also biodegradable. Daley explained, "We made them bigger, so that, there are people who have bigger body parts than others. We made two wipes so that you can either tear it and share it with a partner, be it a boyfriend, girlfriend, or just some type of partner, it could be your yoga partner. You can tear it and share it. And then the wipes are big enough so that you could really use it. And like, two body parts, obviously, your front and the back. But, what we like to do is tear it and share it. You can use it for your friends, you can share it, or you can use it for yourself- one for your front, which is the A wipe, and one for your back, which is the B wipe."

Having two wipes with the same ingredients allows them to be interchangeable and avoid cross contamination of any type, whether it be between yourself or you and a partner.

Being relatable, Daley admitted to the shyness that comes over her when approaching the conversation of freshness, although typically being a forward person. She shared her confidence that comes from using A2B wipes because it not only does what it's meant to do but, it also encourages her to make an uncomfortable conversation, comfortable. "You can literally tear it and share it. And if I am going to get intimate with someone, I can just give it to them and not feel so embarrassed." She added, "sort of like that little unspoken word between me and the person that I want to be intimate with."

A2B Essential is focused on empowering people. Daley elaborated, "You want to feel fresh, but just as much as that person you're with should be feeling fresh too." She concluded, We're not here to promote sex, but we are here to promote you to own your space, protect your space. And it's just not about sex. It's about getting off the golf course or getting, you know. Nowadays, you know, even water consumption, water preservation, people are trying to save our water. It sounds really silly. But these wipes, it's basically a shower and a package because you can use it all over your body as well."

From Sage To Sex

Inspired by smudging, meditation and spirituality, and the importance of mental health, Daley was given the idea by a friend to add sage because "it's really great for your vagina."

She shared, "So, we take the essential oil of sage, the gardening sage, and we take it because there's like, tons of different types of sages, but, all of them have spiritual components and can help you protect your space and cleanse your space." The Creative Director emphasized on society's habit of cleansing the space we live in, work in, sleep in, etc. which in turn, led her to question why we don't do the same for our bodies (hence the ingredient of sage.) "So for us, it's cleansing your space, cleansing your body, saging your space, protecting your space, all that's your body. And, you can even go the way of saying, 'hey, there's a lot of evil d*ck out there and evil p**sy. So you've got to protect yourself. And sometimes you have to cleanse it,' because the brand is a little bit in your face, it is sexy, but it is also fun and playful and approachable and keeps it comfortable," she candidly told CELEB.

Sage is the not-so-secret ingredient that puts a twist on the brand.

This herb, as a topical, is one of the most hypoallergenic of its kind. Daley spoke to a pediatric allergist who did research for her and found, "it's so hard to find people who have had an allergy, a topical allergy, to Sage. If anything, it soothes." Customers have used A2B wipes to recover dry skin, soothe sunburn, and exfoliate the skin all because of the sage component. Sensitive areas are not bothered by the addition of this herb but instead at ease.

Another benefit of the sage is that it dries. Some wipes keep you moist for too long, leading bacteria to build up which can, in turn, cause an infection. Daley shared, "It calms you, it cools you, but it doesn't leave a sticky residue and it dries really nice."

Taking Sage Into The Future [Products]

A2B Essential isn't stopping their work at wipes. The aspiring lifestyle brand plans to create an entire line-up of products from sage-infused candles to breath spray to unisex robes.

Daley revealed, "We're gonna be doing candles." She continued, "It's going to be all sage infused." And, they're called Evil D*ck [and] Evil P**sy candles. And, so one side will say 'Evil D*ck, Good D*ck' and then 'Evil P**sy, Good P**sy.' And, so you could turn your candle based upon your evening or morning."

The CEO and Founder also told CELEB about their upcoming product.

"Our next thing will be smudge sticks," said Daley. She expressed the concern that comes with the mess of smudging as well as it is a potential fire hazard therefore, they are doing things slightly differently. She explained, "Our big thing is making match sticks that are infused with sage and we call them 'Quick Fix Sticks.' So, we're just starting to work on that now."

This product will be a way for people to get that "quick fix" without the mess of smudging.

Talking about the future of A2B Essentials, Bridget Daley shared "So, as we continue to evolve the brand and more products are pushed out, all products will continue to be gender-free, and infused with the power of sage. Because obviously, our whole thing is about protecting yourself, owning who you are clearing your space when you need to."