XIMXIA- Pretend Exclusive Premiere

CELEB always likes checking out new music and today we are excited to get to exclusively premiere a new track

CELEB always likes checking out new music and today we are excited to get to exclusively premiere a new track by XIMXIA entitled “Pretend.” 


For those who don’t know XIMXIA, here is her biography, provided to CELEB courtesy of her PR: 

“Versatile Los Angeles singer/songwriter XIMXIA, (pronounced shem-shee-ya), crafts witchy electro pop that harkens to the past while pushing the genre into fresh waters.

Fluctuating between dance floor bangers and emotive anthems, XIMXIA’s debut EP Anywhere But Here recalls the wily dynamics of Annie Lennox and Sinead O’Connor, while effortlessly falling into the epic modern pop groove of Halsey and Robyn. But it is her love of the great master pianists that truly separates her from the pack. In fact, most of her entire EP was born from riffing on their classical piano pieces, rolling the complex changes into her astute Top 40 aesthetic.

XIMXIA Pretend

XIMXIA originally hails from Upstate NY, and spent her formative musical years as a multi-instrumentalist cutting her teeth as a member of DC-based Freeform Radio. She eventually adopted the moniker XIMXIA and, working in close collaboration with #1 Billboard Producer Ted Kurie, embarked on her journey as a solo artist, writing material that felt in step with her metamorphosis – the soundtrack for people breaking out of relationships, leaving cities, and growing up on their terms.

Almost immediately, her debut single Don’t Follow Me found an audience, landing a #19 spot on the Billboard Dance Club chart, causing a palpable anticipation for her debut EP…

TheAnywhere But HereEP will be released September 15th.”


As soon as Pretend- the song CELEB is exclusively premiering- begins, the listener is immediately met with beautiful orchestrations. Soon after comes in XIMXIA’s voice, which evokes notes of Tori Amos with a slight Portishead and Ellie Goulding feel musically. 

In the song, XIMXIA sings of a relationship gone sour, explaining through her lyrics of the chorus that “You pretend you don’t know what went wrong, you’d rather feel the pain, watch it then pretend, you can’t see what went wrong, but will it ever change? Stay the same.”

One particular lyric that stood out was when XIMXIA body sings, “When will you realize it never was me?” This line is easy to relate to for anyone going through a break up where they feel like they were done wrong, and this sound will definitely be therapeutic to someone in that headspace. 

Another standout of the song is the musical progression from moody orchestrations to a bop-along, more lighthearted chorus. 

With Pretend, XIMXIA has crafted an excellent track that does what any good music should- makes the listener feel. 

Make sure to exclusively check out her song below and let CELEB know your thoughts in the comments below.  

XIMXIA · Pretend by XIMXIA


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