Yas Marina F1 Circuit Complete Ahead of Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2021

The new Formula One circuit at Yas Marina has finished construction, weeks ahead of the Grand Prix 2021 race in

Yas Marina

The new Formula One circuit at Yas Marina has finished construction, weeks ahead of the Grand Prix 2021 race in Abu Dhabi. The revamp of the circuit has been called, “the dawn of a new era,” for racing and promises an exciting course for fans and drivers alike. CELEB takes a look at the new circuit, through all the twists and turns, and the upcoming Grand Prix Abu Dhabi championship race. 

Yas Marina’s Circuit Complete

Yas Marina

Revamped with the comfort of drivers and excitement of fans in mind, the new Yas Marina Circuit is the dawn of a new era in racing – and the future of Abu Dhabi. In a statement, Saif Al Noaimi, Deputy CEO, Abu Dhabi Motorsports Management, said: “It’s an incredible moment in history for Yas Marina Circuit. These are the first upgrades to the track since the circuit was constructed in 2009, since then Formula One cars, along with others in our fleets, have evolved in their design and performance and as such, we are committed to progressing with them to offer the ultimate racing experience across the events held at the Circuit.

The changes will amplify the competitive nature of all motorsports events held at the venue but, with it right around the corner, we are of course especially excited to see how the action unfolds on the new circuit layout during next month’s season finale FORMULA 1 ETIHAD AIRWAYS ABU DHABI GRAND PRIX.”

The renovations centered on three areas of the track: North Hairpin, South Marina, and Hotel section. The new layout allows drivers to maintain a higher average speed, wheel-to-wheel racing, and give them more opportunities to overtake, which makes the race more exciting overall. 

Here are the key renovations:

  • North Hairpin: This section saw the most significant updates, with the former Turn 5 and 6 chicane removed and Turn 7’s hairpin widened to a 20-metre-wide corner which will allow drivers to approach at 300KPH. Removing the slow corners from the chicane gives the drivers a chance to pick up and maintain more speed heading out into the long straight.
  • South Marina: Renamed the Marsa Corner, this section has been given a new super elevated hairpin turn, allowing cornering speeds of up to 240KPH. This is a big change from the former slow corners of the South Marina section. 
  • Hotel Section: This section looks fairly similar to before the renovation, but the corners on Turns 17 through 20 have been opened up on the inside. This change is an effort to reduce the Constantine Effect – whereby cars cluster through turns and separate through the sequence. The former turn format caused higher wear due to raised temperatures from sliding, and this new format allows drivers to stay close without burning up their tires. 

By reconfiguring the circuit to allow for more overtaking opportunities and focusing on enhancing the track for both driver and car effectiveness, the race will be more competitive and exciting for fans.

Grand Prix 2021, Abu Dhabi

And it all came together just weeks before the Formula 1 Eithad Ariways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2021. The race kicks off December 9-12, and the addition of the Marina Circuit renovations is creating a new era for F1 racing. With a focus on making the track better for cars and more competitive for drivers, it may start a revolution in the way circuits are designed moving forward.

Yas Marina organizers shared in a statement, “The changes will be highlighted during the 13th Abu Dhabi Grand Prix where the likes of Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen will battle it out in closer wheel-to-wheel racing around the new 5.28km track. A shorter, faster lap and more overtaking potential will offer fans more action across the race.” 

Events happening alongside the Grand Prix include new year of UAE Time Attack alongside the NGK UAE ProCar Championship and Ferrari Canossa Racing. 

United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates

Yas Marina is on Yas Island, in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Over the past few years, the UAE has focused on propelling their country into the future, inviting professionals from tech, music, entertainment, and racing industries in to help create a more vibrant day and nightlife experience.

Dubai in the UAE helped start the process, as one of the world’s most futuristic cities, integrated from the ground up and designed to meet the needs of a new generation. The country’s dedication to pulling the UAE farther into the future continues as they expand their Formula One involvement and start offering more entertainment venues like the one found at Yas Marina.

Step Feed shares, “In January [2019], Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, the ruler of Dubai, laid out a road map for the future success of the nation, positioning the country as a land for talented and skilled individuals, a place that nurtures the brightest minds to generate innovative ideas.

The UAE’s vision of the future, coupled with its tech-savvy and energetic population, has proved to be valuable to young entrepreneurs, giving rise to the region’s most dynamic start-up culture.

The 47-year-old Gulf nation is currently working on several other ambitious plans and projects to move into the future.

… By 2030, it expects 25 percent of its buildings to be 3D-printed and 25 percent of its transportation to be autonomous.

By 2031, it wants to achieve 100 percent reliance on Artificial Intelligence (AI) for government services and data analysis, and by 2117, the country would like to have established the first inhabitable human settlement on Mars.”

The United Arab Emirates is working to integrate drones and autonomous vehicles, and flying vehicles are on their radar. It’s a fascinating and unexpected hearth upon which the flames of the future are burning, and the embracing of Formula One is just one part of the vision.