Yelp Releases Fascinating ‘2022 Beauty Trend Forecast Report’

2021 saw the re-emergence of some controversial trends. Millenials and Gen Z battled over where to part the hair: to


2021 saw the re-emergence of some controversial trends. Millenials and Gen Z battled over where to part the hair: to the center, or the side? Mom jeans came roaring back, and everyone over the age of 30 wept. Acid wash, crop tops, and split dye all became top trends in 2021. But now, the year is coming to a close – our mom-jean-averse readers are breathing a sigh of relief – so what does 2022 look like?

Yelp’s data science team identified trends within search text by measuring the frequency of certain phrases related to beauty searched for by Yelp users. They have compiled a forecast for 2022 that gives us a window into what beauty trends we may see. Let’s hike up our mom jeans and dive in. 

Four Trends to Look Out For


Yelp compiled their beauty trend forecast for 2022, and it’s – well, it’s something. Some trends are no surprise, and others are intriguing. Here are the first four trends to look out for after the clock strikes 12:01 in the new year:

  • Lips: Out are the days of the bold reds and black lips from 2021. 2022 is the year of lip blushing. Instead of coating the lips in a bright color, lip blushing provides a soft tint or a boost of the natural color. It’s less likely to transfer, and there’s nothing people like more than a lip color that stays put. Lip flipping is another trend that may increase in 2021. It’s a cosmetic procedure that uses Botox injections to enhance and lift the top of the upper lift, giving it a fuller appearance and providing a distinctive recurve bow shape. TikTokers are driving these trends, with searches up 107% for lip flip and 130% for lip blushing.
  • Back to the future hair: 2021 saw the return of the mullet, and that trend is expected to continue into 2022. Searches are up 73% and other retro hair styles like curtain bangs are making a resurgence too – with a whopping 828% increase in Yelp searches. These aren’t your father’s mullets though; 2022’s mullets are sleek and edgy. Stars driving this trend includeLil Nas X, who wore the “business in the front, party in the back,” style to the red carpet this year. 
  • Body contour: Searches for cosmetic procedures to slim and shape the body are up 35%, but so are less invasive procedures. Non-surgical options like Emsculpt are up 24%.
  • Nailing it: Nail art has become popular over the past few years, driven in part by the hypnotic YouTube and TikTok videos that show people creating extraordinary art. Nail art searches are up 75% and almond shaped nail searches are up 146%.

If any of these trends tickle your fancy, you just might be ahead of the curve for 2022. 

More Beauty Boosts


If you want to be at the forefront of fashion for 2022 but none of the above have you feeling too hot to handle, don’t worry. Here are four more trends that Yelp predicts will take flight in 2022:

  • Glowing Up: Everyone loves a good spa facial, and Glow Facials have been trending upward in 2021. Glow Facials involve stimulating oxygenation and circulation through topical products and massage techniques, providing a healthy glow. Searches for this service are up 66%. 
  • PRF Injections: Platelet-rich fibrin is used in an injectable form to treated signs of aging on the face and scalp. Searches for this procedure are up 44%. 
  • “The Other Botox”: Don’t worry, this “hair botox” treatment is needle-free. The deep conditioning, hydrating hair mask is gaining in popularity, with searches up 22%.
  • Buccal fat remover: Contouring with makeup hit its stride in 2021, but some people want to take it a step farther. Having the fat pads removed from your jawline and cheeks to give a slimmer, more contoured appearance are on the rise. Searches for the procedure are up 16%.

Some of the trends are continuations of what we’ve seen in 2021, and others are a surprise. Whether you’re looking to perfect your 2021 look or try something completely new and different in 2022, the advent of TikTok and beauty influencers has created a boom in the beauty and fashion industries. There’s a little bit of something for everyone, and every trend you could ever hope to try. Whether you’re sticking with the crowd and trying some of the above services or striking out on your own; 2022 is sure to be a year of beauty. 

Yelp and Kathy Hilton Bring Holiday Cheer


Yelp has been busy lately, compiling forecasts and getting ready for the new year. They’ve also teamed up with Kathy Hilton, to provide some excellent holiday hosting tips that fit a variety of budgets. The “Queen of Christmas” Hilton offers these suggestions for your best party of the year:

  • Add over-the-top decor: Hilton says that decor sets the tone for the party, and details matter. Yelp offers holiday decorating services and handyman services that can help you provide the perfect decor palette for your party, and Hilton recommends color-coordinating. Guests appreciate when it’s clear that thought has gone into bringing them joy and comfort.
  • Don’t forget the kids: If you have family guests coming, you want to make sure to look out for the littlest among you. Kids won’t be as impressed by elegant decorations and a champagne pyramid, so think of ways to keep them entertained. Hilton recommends going to a local arts and crafts store to pick up something to keep little ones entertained. Be mindful of the mess and indult involvement needed for the activities though, think simple.
  • Support local small businesses: Not only does this help stimulate the local economy and help real families around you, it allows you to obtain unique services and products. If everyone can buy your decor at a box store, it’s might not have the wow factor of something custom made right in your hometown. Browse Yelp for local businesses in any price range that can bring you that special local touch your guests will love.

For more of Hilton’s excellent hosting tips, take a look atYelp And Kathy Hilton Share Tips on How to Prepare for the Holidays.

It’s time to get your holiday party on; and then start preparing for 2022.