Updating: YouTube Removes Full Send Podcast Featuring Donald Trump (EXCLUSIVE)

Ever since the spectacular upset of the 2020 election, people have been wondering: will former President Donald Trump run again

Donald Trump Ice Spice

Ever since the spectacular upset of the 2020 election, people have been wondering: will former President Donald Trump run again in 2024? Trump sat down with the Nelk Boys on their Full Send Podcast this week, and they’re answering the question everyone’s been asking.

[Update, March 10] The Full Send Podcast was removed for violating YouTube’s Terms of Service and now former President Donald Trump appeared on Fox News’ Thursday night to talk about it with Sean Hannity. He said, “the podcast got six million views and YouTube removed the video. They are hot as a pistol, this show, six million hits in a short period of time. [I told the Nelk Boys] it will be taken down. This is not free press. Big tech is a disaster. This is what they do in Russia. We don’t have free press either. Four young guys, great show, hot people. Dana White only knows about hot. [Big tech] has taken awy the voice of the people … not supposed to happen in this country.”

Trump then went on to give his perspective on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, telling the FOX audience that it wouldn’t have happened on his watch.

[Original story, published March 9] The podcast airs later today and will give everyone a glimpse into Trump’s plans for a 2024 run. With legions of fans waiting eagerly for an answer, it may finally be time to get those yard signs ready for another election: Full Send reveals the answer.

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A Quick Trip Around the World (Events)

The podcast opens with the boys chatting about the magnitude of interviewing the former president on subjects he hasn’t spoken on in public yet. When they arrive at Mar-a-Lago and Trump enters, they thank him for joining their podcast. Trump reveals that Dana White of the UFC is who connected the Nelk Boys with Trump.

They jump right into the nitty gritty, talking Venezuela, taking oil from them – and Russia. Trump explains, “if you would have told me just a short while ago that we’d have barrels at $30 a barrel,” adding, “It’s like a rocket ship going up. And that’s costing the world.”

Trump doesn’t mince words on Russia and Ukraine, saying, “What’s happening now is horrible. What’s happening in the Ukraine is genocide, nobody seen anything like it.” Under Trump’s watch, the former president says, Putin never would have invaded. “War or no war, energy prices would have been low. Energy dominance.”

Trump was questioned, “why wouldn’t there be a war, because you were in office?”

Trump responds, “No, I told him ‘Don’t do it.’ …We look weak, we look stupid, we look like we don’t know what we’re doing.”

The former president takes a moment to revisit the tragedy of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan. Trump reminds the world that he spoke to the Taliban, and that US military deaths in the Middle Eastern country were down when he was in office. Now, Trump says, it’s a disaster, and calls what happened, “embarrassing.”

On Russia and Putin


Although he doesn’t address it early in the podcast, it’s easy to tell that Trump sounds like he’s on the election trail. Pulling no punches, Trump delivers a condemnation of how President Joe Biden has handled world affairs. Trump confirms that he has not spoken to Putin since leaving office but reiterates that Ukraine never would have happened under his watch; “Zero chance he would have done it. And I spoke to him about it. Zero chance he would have done it. He saw the weakness, he saw Afghanistan. The way – the incompetence of the withdrawal.”

Trump explains that although he had the ability to put pressure on Putin in office, he no longer can now that he’s out of office. And what he thinks will happen next with Ukraine and Russia? “I said this a long time ago, if this happens, we are playing right into their hands – green energy. The windmills, they don’t work.”

Trump then reveals he sent a white flag to German Chancellor Angela Merkel in preparation for what would happen if Russia felt that they saw weakness. Whether or not he sent an actual white flag is unclear – but the message is clear: Trump knew this would happen, and he warned people.

Trump shares what he thinks is at the heart of the problem; while although Ukraine is horrifying, it’s the ripple effect that’s dangerous; “This administration has forced Russia and China together. They are now wonderful parties. And add one third country to it – Iran. …They have forced them together with their stupid foreign policy. There’s never been anything like it. And the media is allowing it to happen. The media is trying to say, ‘Oh isn’t this wonderful?’ They don’t say, ‘We have a world that’s more dangerous than ever before.’”

So What Say You – 2024?

Donald Trump Speaking

Trump shares that there was an 87K-person rally just a few days ago, and in Alabama there were 63K people. While discussing his jetsetting and hyping up the base, Trump drops this gem we’ve all been waiting for – is he running in 2024? “The campaign finance laws don’t really allow you to discuss that unless you’re literally going to go through a different process. I think a lot of people are going to be very happy. I’ll wait until I have so many people wanting me to do it – I think that a lot of people are going to be …happy.”

That sounds like a yes – and now it’s time to wait for the formalities.

Trump Challenges the Future of the Interview – What Will the Media Do with Donald Trump and Nelk Boys?

Trump tells the team that he’s issuing a test, and he’s going to watch the outcome; “Let’s see what happens to you when you say you’re interviewing Trump …let’s see what happens when you get hit by the crooked media.”

The former president adds, “The press should be the policemen of a country, like for the corruption. They don’t report corruption, they don’t talk about the laptop.”

But Trump has good news for his fans, even if he worries that the Nelk Boys interview will go down – which, by the way, the Boys assure him it will not – he adds, “We have more people out there than they do, we do. …and the people are really angry at what’s happening in the country.”

In Conclusion


Trump was confident when speaking with the Nelk Boys, and they mention his health and vitality. For a man who thinks “people will be happy” with his choices leading up to 2024, it was a victory lap return to interviews after months of being stonewalled and blackballed by larger media outlets.

Trump’s interview goes from the very somber – he believes the nuclear threat from Russia is serious and warns people to “be careful what you wish for” as Germany and Japan re-arm for the first time since the end of World War II – to the light-hearted. When asked about rumors that he’s become a DJ, Trump laughs. “I don’t spin, but I pick the ones I like.” And the song he says get people rocking the most – it’s “YMCA.” And of course the best song to transition from “YMCA,” according to the former president, is “Hold on, I’m comin’”

While Trump agrees that he likes Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Trump’s promise that his fans will be happy and nod to, “Hold on, I’m Comin’” paint a picture of a man who’s not going quietly into retirement; he’ll be back in the ring for 2024.