I Want You to Know, Zedd’s Beverly Hills Estate is For Sale

Perched atop a crest in Beverly Hills, a modern estate sprawls across the landscape, looking austere and sharp from the


Perched atop a crest in Beverly Hills, a modern estate sprawls across the landscape, looking austere and sharp from the outside. The interior, however, is a different story; warm, flowing, and inviting. This particular home is owned by world-renowned DJ Zedd, and if it tickles your fancy, you’re in luck. Zedd has just put the breathtaking estate up for sale, and for just $26.5 million, it can be yours

Zedd’s Estate, From First Glance


When you first approach Zedd’s Beverly Hills retreat, you drive over a moat, entering the property with a panoramic view of the 5 bedroom, 9 bathroom home. The house itself is 11,000 square feet and covers a large swath of the 3.2 acre property. The lawn directly surrounding the home is well-maintained, verdant and lush against the sparse SoCal landscape. And the house takes a moment to soak in; the exterior design a series of box-like main buildings connected by airy glass enclosed breezeways. From the outside, it looks almost industrial. In the best modern design tradition, you can’t be sure you’re not looking at an upscale business at first, until you get close enough to see all the delicate touches that turn a modern boxy structure into a breathtaking and inviting piece of art.

The property sits just below Mulholland Drive, atop a promontory overlooking the rolling green-and-brown hills beneath. To enter, you stroll down a long walkway alongside a shallow reflecting pool, one of many on the desert property. 

The Interior is a Place to Unwind


Once you step inside, the austere exterior gives way to elegance bordering on opulence. No mere foyer entrance, Zedd’s estate opens the front door into an open atrium, with glass windows lining the second story wall above the door. A living tree fills the entrance with life and warmth. After entering, several steps lead down to the great room which has high ceilings and a number of fountains, along with a built-in display wall and a glass-enclosed observation area for enjoying the view.

The eat-in kitchen is modern with a touch of indulgent. Two Korean barbecue charcoal grills sit beside high end appliances, along with a prep kitchen leading to the dining area. The banquet-sized dining room has a rough stone brick wall and wood ceiling, with a wall of windows offering a distracting view of the back property.

The master bedroom is straight out of a movie, with the best view in the house and dark wood panels on the floors and walls. A dropped black accent ceiling gives the wood-filled room a modern bump and an accent rough stone brick wall is the perfect place for a TV, with its low long fireplace for chilly nights. The master bath is the perfect blend of modern, rustic, and comfortable, with a standalone tub and mammoth glass shower with white marble floors and walls. 

Also included in the interior amenities are a gym, a recording studio, and a custom-designed soundproof theater.

If you can tear yourself away from the elegance and wonders inside, there are indulgences aplenty in the backyard to explore. The back of the house offers a lush green lawn, a number of porches and patios to sit and enjoy the cool Los Angeles evenings, an infinity pool, and a number of raised garden beds for fresh food at your fingertips. 

If this doesn’t sound like your very own resort nestled amidst Beverly Hills, you can always add to it; plans have been approved for a guest house, complete with a bowling alley.

Zedd Took His Time Decorating 

Just five years ago, Zaslavski paid $16 million for the breathtaking home. In 2018, the DJ gave a tour to Architectural Digest, sharing all the stunning details of the home as he brought it to life. Despite all the resources of the world at his fingertips, Zaslavski opted not to hire an interior designer. The DJ wanted to design the homes interior touches on his own, so it would reflect his taste, style, and lived experiences. Architectural Design shares, “‘I saw an ad for this house, which was way too expensive, but I asked if I could look at it for inspiration—like, if I wanted to build my own house. I drove down the gate of the house and my brain went immediately to: This is something Steve Jobs would have enjoyed,’ says Zaslavski. ‘I walked in here and it was so perfect.’ Fast forward ten subsequent visits and an entire year later: He ended up buying the new modern estate complete with a rooftop deck, pool, and jacuzzi. Still, ‘when you buy something of this size you question every little thing,’ says Zaslavski. ‘But this is really as close to perfect a house for me as I can get.”’ 

Despite the fact that the sprawling manse looks ripe for a huge party, Zaslavski prizes his peace. With music the center of his entire life, it’s unsurprising that one of the things the DJ most values is silence, which he could enjoy aplenty in his Beverly Hills sanctuary with its room after room of places to unwind or take in the view. The soaring glass windows make it feel like the outdoors and indoors are seamlessly blended, and everywhere you look is another touch to transport you to a state of zen and peace. 

Zedd has not said why he’s selling the home or where he’s going next, but the house going up for sale provides an excellent opportunity for the right buyer. It’s a property to admire, and one that can be enjoyed in myriad ways. Whether you’re one for seclusion or parties, there’s a way to make it work. The one thing you have to like is natural light; there’s no escaping it here. 

The artist, who has collaborated with giants like Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, Katy Perry, Alessia Cara, Shawn Mendes and more, was recently tapped for a residency in Las Vegas at Zouk Group’s Ayu Dayclub and Zouk Nightclub through 2023. This could be a compelling reason to pick up and move as he’ll need to be closer to Vegas. It’s hard to imagine walking away from this house, so that makes wherever he’s moving next an intriguing point.