Zee Zandi: The Queen of House Returns to Music

Zee Zandi could easily be called the Queen of Vegas nightlife, having held esteemed executive positions with the city’s top

Zee Zandi

Zee Zandi could easily be called the Queen of Vegas nightlife, having held esteemed executive positions with the city’s top hospitality companies over two decades. Zandi has her finger on the pulse of everything that’s successful in Vegas, but since departing her role at Wynn late last year, Zandi’s been somewhat of a mystery. Now, the entertainment industry pro is getting back into the music scene, and a whole lot more, with her new consulting business. On her roster are the nightlife groups at the top resorts: Virgin Hotels Las Vegas, Wynn Las Vegas and Resorts World—with more clients outside Las Vegas to be announced soon.

Taking a leap into the tech world, she has also joined the start-up Swoonbox as CMO. Swoonbox is an AI-driven dating app where you can find singles based on music, sports and artists that you both like, and then go to events together. 

Back to Music

Zee Zandi DeadMau5

Zandi’s first passion is working in the music industry. During the pandemic, it seemed as though the entertainment industry would change forever. When the former Wynn exec left Wynn Nightlife in November 2020, she assumed that part of her life was over. Zandi shares, “When I left Wynn, I really thought that part of my life was over. I was going to pick up and start something new. But this has never been a career job for me, this is a passion. Music is a passion, and being in the industry is my dream. I loved and missed it dearly. So when an opportunity came along to get back into it, I had to jump on it.”

Zandi jumped with both feet, getting involved with the biggest Vegas project out there: Resorts World, and a few other properties around the reopening city. “I’m working with Resorts World on a project, their Sunday Moonbeam party; marketing, promoting, buying. I’m consulting on those topics. We’re bringing in everyone from the Martinez Brothers and Blond:ish to Peggy Gou and Disclosure. They’ve got a lot of great artists. Some have played Vegas before, and for some this is their first time.”

And Zandi has been able to use her connections in the industry to help Elia, the new club at Virgin Hotels Las Vegas, book some pretty big names: “We were able to secure a Deadmau5 residency, along with Sophie TuckerLane 8 is doing a multi-show deal as well.”

Zandi is also consulting for the Wynn event Art of the Wild July 23 to 25 that is coming up soon. “I’m consulting on promotions.”

The Queen of Cheese

As if she wasn’t busy enough, Zandi is also now the “queen of cheese and charcuterie” under the name Honey It’s Cheese. Zandi launched her own charcuterie business after creating a table for her birthday party that received rave reviews from attendees. “In a lot of ways, this new business is therapeutic for me. Every other job I’ve done has been, ‘go go go,’ but this is more artistic and relaxing. In my other jobs, you work so hard at an event and it happens. And then you start over, everything from scratch. And for me, the cheese thing really, although it came out of nowhere, I was able to be myself, lean on my own creativity, be my own boss and it’s been an escape.”

Zandi has done about 500 boxes so far in and around Vegas, and a pop-up in Newport. Zandi adds, “Someone even reached out to me from Washington DC looking to franchise. I’m setting the business up to grow soon, which is really exciting. One day I’d love to have my own coffee and cheese storefront. I had my own coffee bar when I first came to Vegas, and that’s the dream. I’d love to do that again.”

School, Work, and Consulting

10M Zee Zandi Nik Richie

Although Zandi talks about the therapy of being able to relax and work on charcuterie, her life continues to be on the go, all the time. Between her charcuterie business, consulting for Resorts World, Elia and Art of the Wild, Zandi is also finding time to pursue her Masters degree. And this fall, Zandi hopes to establish a student athlete foundation. Somehow, with all of this going on, Zandi is also finding time to help produce 10M, a travel show that takes people on 10-minute adventures around the world. If people have wondered where Zandi’s been, the answer is clear: everywhere.